Two New Ferries Allow Cyclists to Cross Lake Tisza in Hungary

  • 29 Apr 2024 5:49 AM
  • Hungary Today
Two New Ferries Allow Cyclists to Cross Lake Tisza in Hungary
Two bicycle ferries were inaugurated on Tuesday in Tiszaderzs (Northern Great Plain region of central Hungary) at Lake Tisza, the country’s second largest lake. The two ferries will not only allow the full circumnavigation of Lake Tisza, but also shorter sections of the lake, so that elderly people and families with small children do not have to miss out on the experience of cycling at Lake Tisza, reports.

The small bicycle ferries will also add to the growing importance of active tourism in the region, said Mirkó Petényi, director of the Active and Ecotourism Development Center, at the handover ceremony. In his opinion, the first one or two years will prove that the ferries are needed and that there may even be a demand for more capacity. The current implementation of the pedestrian-bicycle ferries also shows that the enthusiasm and cooperation of local residents is spurring the public sector into action, he added.

The small ferries will run between the ports of Tiszanána-Dinnyéshát and Tiszaderzsi, offering an alternative and a change of scenery for those who make several trips around the lake.

As part of the project, a number of information and road signs will be placed along the cycling routes, illustrating the values of Lake Tisza and its surroundings and help tourists find their way around.

The two ferries are operated by the municipality of Tiszaderzs, and the development was funded by government support. Thanks to this support, the Kárász Harbor, which is also popular with anglers, will be renovated in the near future with more than HUF 400 million (EUR 1 million) in development funds, said Zsuzsanna Fótosné Czeglédi, Mayor of Tiszaderzs, at the event.

The area around Lake Tisza has developed a lot in the last ten years. It is now one of the strongholds of domestic cycling tourism, with 100,000 cyclists having used its cycle paths in less than a year.

MTI Photo: Zsolt Czeglédi 


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