BBC Reporter Named and Called Out By Hungarian Gov’t Spox for Covering Rise of Opposition Tisza Party Leader Magyar

  • 10 May 2024 7:53 AM
  • Hungary Matters
BBC Reporter Named and Called Out By Hungarian Gov’t Spox for Covering Rise of Opposition Tisza Party Leader Magyar
Nick Thorpe, BBC’s correspondent in Hungary, “reports every moment” of the campaign events of opposition Tisza Party leader Péter Magyar, the state secretary in charge of international relations and communications said on social media X, referring to Magyar himself as the source of the information.

Zoltán Kovács suggested that Thorpe could be acting under instructions from “a director of Amnesty International Hungary, financed by the Soros Open Society Foundation”.

“I do understand … the opposition has a new, seasonal offer in the person of Péter Magyar and the international press can hardly hide its enthusiasm … we are looking forward to the balanced and objective reports,” Kovács said in his entry.

"The darling of the international mainstream press, opposition figure Péter Magyar, recently revealed that @NickFT,@BBC's long-time Hungary correspondent is covering every step of his campaign trail.

That raised a few eyebrows, especially among those familiar with his reporting. Here’s what one of the directors of @OpenSociety Soros-Funded @AmnestyHungary had to say about Thorpe: ‘All we had to do was say, ‘hey, Nick, take a look at this. Here’s something that could be of interest to you.’ He was their go-to journalist, according to their account, always ready to help.

I get it. I’ve seen this movie before. The opposition has a new flavor-of-the-month, Péter Magyar, and it’s difficult for the international press corps to conceal their cheering. But this next act — the @BBC riding along on Peti’s campaign bus — should be really good. Looking forward to some fair and balanced, objective journalism." he posted.


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