Why Has A New Statue of Turkish Poet Yunus Emre Been Unveiled in Central Hungary?

  • 13 May 2024 5:27 AM
  • Hungary Matters
Why Has A New Statue of Turkish Poet Yunus Emre Been Unveiled in Central Hungary?
Hungary and Türkiye are bonded by a friendship with deep roots and a strategic alliance, the foreign ministry’s deputy state secretary for security policy said at the unveiling of a statue of Turkish poet Yunus Emre in Lakitelek, in central Hungary,

The 13th century poet had a great impact on Turkish literature, he used a language and vocabulary that was “close to the people” and contributed to the development of the Turkish language, said Henrietta Balajthy.

Hungary and Türkiye commemorate the 100th anniversary of establishing diplomatic ties “in a due manner” by elevating their partnership to a special strategic level and with a Hungarian-Turkish cultural season, she said.

Turkish Ambassador Gülşen Karanis Ekşioğlu said the new statue is a symbol of good morals and humane human values. The peoples of Hungary and Türkiye that share a common history are linked by common bonds of friendship, she said, adding that “Yunus Emre’s philosophy can be found both in the Hungarian people’s spirit and in Turkish poetry”.


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