Charges Including 'Torturing Humans' Brought Against Hungarian, Romanian Members of Int'l People Smuggling Ring

  • 7 Jun 2024 7:37 PM
  • Hungary Matters
Charges Including 'Torturing Humans' Brought Against Hungarian, Romanian Members of Int'l People Smuggling Ring
A court in Gyula, in south-east Hungary, has handed down prison sentences to 16 people for trafficking women to Germany, whom they then forced to work as prostitutes, the court said in a statement.

In a non-binding ruling, the court sentenced the first and second degree defendant to 15 years in a high-security prison, and handed down prison sentences ranging from 3 years to 14.5 years to the others.

One defendant was sentenced to 5 years in a juvenile correctional facility. Several of the defendants set up the crime ring in 2013, when they started forcing vulnerable women to work as street prostitutes in Germany.

Some of the women had to pay a daily sum to them, others were stripped of all their income, the court said. The group operated as a criminal organisation since at least 2018, the statement said.

Meanwhile, Other Members Of Crime Ring Sentenced For Trafficking Women to Germany - Whom They Then Forced to Work As Prostitutes

People smuggling charges have been brought against 13 Hungarian and Romanian nationals who as members of an international organised ring were allegedly involved in arranging for the illegal transport of more than 350 foreign nationals to western Europe, the chief public prosecutor’s office said.

One instance claimed the life of an Indian national, it added.

According to the indictment, the ring led by a Romanian man arranged for the transport of foreigners first by plane to Serbia and smuggled them later on in vans through Hungary and Austria to final destinations in western Europe, the office said in a statement.

The fatality occurred in Aug 2022 in Budapest’s 9th district when the Indian man was one of the 20 illegal migrants jammed in a van that had no ventilation.

Most of the suspects are in custody over charges of people smuggling and torturing humans and face prison terms or a fine and expulsion from Hungary.

The Romanian ring leader is facing a legal procedure by the Romanian authorities, according to the statement.


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