Flood Alert Issued for Budapest - Danube Road Closure Warning

  • 5 Jun 2024 9:42 AM
  • Hungary Matters
Flood Alert Issued for Budapest - Danube Road Closure Warning
Based on forecasts by the national water-level service, Gergely Karácsony, the mayor of Budapest, has issued a first-degree (lowest) flood alert along four stretches of the River Danube in Budapest, the mayor’s office said.

The lower embankment of the Danube is expected to be closed to traffic from 8pm on Thursday.

Starting from Thursday afternoon, all cars parked in the area despite warnings to be placed on their windshield will be towed, it added.

Based on current forecasts, a higher level flood alert may be introduced in the coming days.

From Budapest Mayor:

Flooding  on the Danube.

Based on the forecasts of the National Water Signal Service, due to the incoming price wave, I have ordered first-rate flood protection preparedness in four stages in Budapest.

During the first stage of preparation, water specialists carry out the necessary technical measures to maintain the safe drinking water supply and for the uninterrupted operation of the canal system; this does not involve any noticeable changes for the residents of Budapest.

Based on current forecasts, the water level of the Danube may reach the level on the night from June 6 to 7, when the lower quays must be closed. For the sake of everybody’s safety, parking at the lower quay will be prohibited from 0 o’clock on June 6.

From today on, the Metropolitan Local Government Police Directorate will place bilingual information on the windshields of cars parked there and from the afternoon of June 6 cars parked on the lower quay will be removed.

The closure of the lower quay is expected to be necessary on June 6 from 20 h.

Based on the forecasts, it may be necessary to order a higher level of flood protection preparation in the coming days. We are constantly monitoring the forecasts.

Thank you to the water professionals and the employees of public service companies for their efforts in flood protection. I thank the people of Budapest in advance for their understanding and cooperation.

From General Directorate of Water Management:

The tidal wave will reach the quay in Budapest at the weekend, I. it's going to be over degrees.

Due to new rainfall in the Danube reservoir yesterday, higher roofs can be expected on the Hungarian section of the river.

According to the latest calculations, the water department expects the III. to arrive late Thursday evening. to roofing exceeding a degree at Nagybajcs, where this morning more than 60 specialists set off from the Central Tisza Rural Water Administration, to help their colleagues in protection on the Danube peninsula.

Rainfall activity persisted in the upper reservoir of the Danube, with less intensity, in the last 24 hours, 10-20 mm of rain fell on average, exceeding the expected rate of up to 100 mm was recorded in the area of the Inn.

According to the current forecasts, the precipitation will move to the east, so in the coming days, a large amount will not be calculated on the watersheds in the Alpine, until the weekend, when the weather may turn more rainfall again.

Based on recent calculations, the Danube Grandybajcs III. plumbing experts are expecting roofing exceeding a degree already on Thursday in the late evening hours.

On Saturday in Budapest we can expect roofing, with water level exceeding the level of the lower quay, which will also mean the closure of the quay.

For the rest of the week at Murán Letenyé II. Around the Cape, at Rabán Szentgotthárd, the I. degree approach, at Körmend II. Around the Cape, Györött, Esztergom, Baja and Mohács the I. Water level exceeding degrees is expected.

In Tarna III experts expect a water level that is approaching a high level of flood protection preparedness.

In order to safely recede the price of the price of the water department is carrying out increased guard duty on the inter-island section of the Danube. 65 colleagues from the Central Tisza Regional Water Administration arrived to strengthen protection and to support the work of the North Danube Water Administration.

Due to the season and lots of rain, dense vegetation in the arteries slows the receding of water, which increases the uncertainty of the forecast.

Experts in water industry are monitoring the data 24 hours a day and analyzing German, Austrian and Slovak models.

The reinforced water patrol service is constantly monitoring the river and performing flood protection in a prepared manner, adapting to the changing situation.

MTI Photo: Tibor Illyés


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