Kata Juhász Company: 'Our Everyday Circuses', Mechwart Liget Budapest, 1 June

  • 28 May 2024 12:37 PM
Kata Juhász Company: 'Our Everyday Circuses', Mechwart Liget Budapest, 1 June
Kata Juhász's Company launched a cultural and community-building program with a unique artistic and health-preserving concept with its series of events entitled Our Everyday Circuses launched as part of the Budapest 150 Memorial Year and Placcc Extra Festival this May.

So far, the events have been hosted by two different outdoor training grounds in District II - Zsigmond Square and Máriaremetei. The closing event will be held at the outdoor training ground in Mechwart Park.

In space-specific performances, the company makes use of various objects of outdoor training grounds, but the indispensable and integral participants of the performance are the people who go to the training ground and the enterprising occasional visitors, who are warmly welcomed by the organizers.

The performers of the Kata Juhász Company include dancers, acrobats and artists. However, joint moves do not require any acrobatic or special skills. For all children and adults who love movement, these programs can mean pleasant relaxation, exciting games and joint experiences.

The lectures aim to break with the everyday habit that movement and training is a solitary, boring, repetitive series of movements, which many people practice to maintain fitness and health, and which we usually do alone, because we do not like to be disturbed in this type of experience of my time.

In contrast, the Everyday Circuses program series attempts to make joint exercise playful with the help of choreography through the creative use of track equipment.

Meanwhile, for the spectators who remain outside, the spectacle is provided not only by acrobatic performances, but also by choreography based on group exercises.

The aim is to address local communities and district residents who go to the training ground and exercise there and involve them in the performance, which can be described as an open work. Therefore, in connection with the lectures, a video database will be implemented, where the video recordings of the correctly performed physical training exercises will be available to everyone through QR codes glued to outdoor gymnastics equipment.

Date and time: 
Saturday, 1 June
Mechwart Park outdoor training ground: warm-up from 7:30 pm,

20:30 Free lecture

In addition to the video database containing exercises of varying difficulty on site, the crowning achievement of the program series is a multigenerational dance-circus performance aimed at different age groups on each training ground.

Creators, performers: Máté Asbóth, Luca Kancsó, Eszti Kudlák, Kata Juhász and Ákos Hargitay
Music: Dávid Szegő
Concept: Kata Juhász and Tamás Lóky
Video: András Szombathy
Functional training consultant: Xénia Frajka (Green Power Gym)
Choreography: Kata Juhász and Ákos Hargitay (cie. Two in one A)

Photo credit: Tamás Lóky

Kata Juhász Company

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