'Open House Festival', Art Quarter Budapest, 24 - 26 May

  • 13 May 2024 3:02 PM
'Open House Festival', Art Quarter Budapest, 24 - 26 May
Organizers cordially invite you to join this year's AQB open house, which curiously has a chemical concept as its slogan...

Zymurgy means fermentation and fermentation technology, the knowledge of everything related to the process. It is easy to understand all this metaphorically and, if necessary, self-ironically, because fermentation is close to art:

Fermentation is a natural process, if certain conditions are met, fermentation creates new qualities, fermentation releases great energy, fermentation is exciting, fermentation signals change.

From the 24th to 26th of May, the dynamic artistic community of the former Haggenmacher brewery will be on show, from the roof terrace to the cellar, in a variety of locations:

The ambiance of the studios, the abundance of permanent and occasional exhibition spaces, the coup de theatre in the performances and the vortex of musical events will shape this simmering but ever more sure-footed festival.

More details will be coming soon, in the meantime here is an extract from the programme:

Open studios - buildings A, C, D, E, F

25 May Saturday 3-7 pm

Participating artists: Lili Agg, Szilvia Bolla, Bori Balázs, Christa Bartesch, Borsos Lőrinc, Creature Furniture, Endre Cserna, Patrícia Harsány, Máté Janky, Zoltán Józsa, Júlia  Kerekes, Stella Koleszár, Gábor Koós, Máté Kovács, Éva Köves, Gábor Kristóf + Ivett Pásztor  / Ral5050, Áron Lődi, Tamás Melkovics, Eszter Metzing, Zsolt Molnár, Eszter Nagy, Orsolya Nyíri, Nufolklore Studio, Zsuzsanna Sinkovits, Nelli Szabó, Nóra Szabó, Ádám Széll, Péter Teller, Dominika Trapp, Valentina Várhelyi, Kriszta Zatykó, Tba…


Lament - 4D Space

Opening: 25 May Saturday 6.30-12 pm

Exhibiting artists: Barnabás Bácsi, Lőrinc Borsos, Astrid Csatlos, Eden_Jeneses, Ádám Horváth, Ágoston Balázs Kiss, Áron Lődi, Eszter Metzing, Beáta Szabó, Noémi Szécsi

Curator: Bettina Bencze

Along Common Borders - aqb project space

24-26 May Friday-Sunday 2-6pm

Exhibiting artists: Boglárka Börcsök - Andreas Bolm, János Brückner (In Collaboration With Máté Fillér, Zágon Nagy And Ottó Szabó), Andi Gáldi Vinkó, Eszter Magyar, Zsófi Kozma, Dani Marcel, Montag Modus (Thomas Schaupp), András Nagy-Sándor, Panni Néder, Norbert Oláh, Suzanna Ranovich - Wanda Martin, Hanna Rédling - Fábián Kis Juhász, Károly Tendl, Dávid Várhegyi, Dorottya Vékony

Curator: Zsu Zsuró

Gábor Koós + Mark Von Rosenstiel: don’t worry, I’m just a hop, skip, and jump away - Mines

24-25 May Friday-Saturday 2-10 pm

Exhibition of the BME Artist Residency

Programme - Nest

24-25 May Friday-Saturday 2-6pm 

Exhibiting artists: Ádám Boruzs, Javier Aparicio Frago, Olga Kocsi 


Speedrun+++Family Fast - Mines

24 May Friday 9pm-6am

Stay with us from Friday afternoon all the way till Sunday if you are curious to see what an extraordinary mix of so many elements can create;)

Art Quarter Budapest
1222 Budapest, Nagytétényi út 48 - 50

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