Queen's Birthday Party, British Embassy Budapest, June 2012

Quotation from the welcome speech of HMA Jonathan Knott at the Queen`s Birthday Party: “2012 is an exceptional year for the United Kingdom. We have two really significant events, namely the Diamond Jubilee and the London Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The London Olympic and Paralympic Games will be the greatest show on earth – and delivered on time and under budget. What is more they will be the most sustainable and most accessible Games ever. We will show the modern creative, connected, innovative and hi-tech United Kingdom to the world.   This year we also celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee year. The huge crowd in the rain at the celebrations in London showed us that the Monarchy is more popular than ever, that they remain a symbol of heritage, quality and reliability. And over these 60 years the Queen has developed her role. She has remained relevant, responding to the country and world’s changing environment. A figurehead for us as strong now as it was in 1952.

In celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee we celebrate our own development over these 60 years and all we have to offer to others: the UK’s historic qualities of quality and reliability , our modern qualities of creativeness, innovation, entrepreneurship and a global leader in the high tech industries. ”

  • 19 Jun 2012
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