The British International School, Budapest Drama Performance: 'A Doll's House'

A Doll’s House caused a theatrical storm when it was first performed, and BISB’s production certainly gave the audience food for thought. Nora Helmer, played by Eperke Koppany, was waiting for a miracle to happen after a long-held secret about her past was revealed. Nondas Tosounis, as her controlling husband Torvald, seemed blissfully unaware of anything beyond his own ego. Blackmailing villain Nils Krogstad (Misha Abramovich), set in motion a journey of epiphany, whilst love was just around the corner for Samzok Wangdi as Nora’s school friend. Nail Junuzovic as Dr Jens Rank and Rebecca Possenti as the faithful servant Anna-Marie, provided friendship to Nora in her hour of need.

Putting on a production is a huge undertaking involving many people in numerous capacities. There are too many to name here but special mention must go to Gabor and his team who helped set up the stage and auditorium, Miki Matrai (with Illya Ovchar) for creating Norway in the 19th century through sound and light; Balazs at Reception who sold tickets. Many thanks to every member of the community who helped out and came to see the show, adds Douglas Allen, English Teacher at The British International School, Budapest.

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Photos by Marcus Schirrmacher-Gavallér for Marcus has been a professional photographer for the last 10 years. With a well-equipped studio in Budapest, he focuses on portrait and event photography, offers photography classes, and takes part in international shoots in cities like New York and London and in Germany.

  • 11 Dec 2018
  • Marcus Schirrmacher-Gavallér
  • 20 photos