Hungarian DanceRAPsody, National Dance Theatre, 18 July


Hungarian DanceRAPsody, National Dance Theatre, 18 July
The performance entitled Hungarian DanceRAPpsody creates a special and unique dance performance based on the Hungarian folk dance tradition – combining it with today's dance techniques.

The swirling diversity of the dances of the Carpathian Basin appears in an alternating, sometimes dynamic, sometimes lyrical, humorous images, in an unusual way.

The tasteful adaptation of the world-famous Hungarian dances of Brahms meets our folk dance traditions dressed in a modern robe.

The softness of girl dances, the romance of our pair dances, the virtuosity of men's dances are mixed with the easygoingness of hip-hop ... scythes flash, skirts flutter, mustache curled ... baseball cap on, boot heels clicking down there ...

The happy, energetic and special combination of dance (VARIDANCE), music (InFusion Trio) and beatbox (Jammal) that we have created deservedly promotes Hungarian culture and offers an uplifting experience for all ages.
Place: National Dance Theatre
Address: 1024 Budapest, Kis Rókus u. 16-20.
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