‘Global Warming Charity Party’, Art Salon Budapest, 20 August


‘Global Warming Charity Party’, Art Salon Budapest, 20 August
Be prepared for an unforgettable night and let’s celebrate the new decade of Global Warming!

Organisers aim to build a new tradition for the LAVOR community and beyond by organising an ecstatic experience, where we can shift our mindset and spark conversations on the topic of climate change and its effects on humanity.

As a contemporary art gallery, they are responsible for shaping the mindset of future generations and they strongly believe that art is a powerful catalyst for positive change.

Your investment matters on this special occasion and by purchasing the Jungle's artwork, we are going to support the activities of Re:wild from the amount received.

Let’s escape from the concrete jungle and enter a new dimension of nature-inspired art space and shamanism!

Karl Meszlényi’s works will inspire us to connect our collective consciousness and to find solutions on a human scale.
Place: Art Salon Budapest
Address: 1077 Budapest, Wesselényi u. 6.
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