'The Last Csardas', National Dance Theatre Budapest, 24 September


'The Last Csardas', National Dance Theatre Budapest, 24 September
The premiere of TranzDanz and Gerzson Péter Kovács, extended with new characters and co-creators, super-craze-hallucination-revue on the ruins, amusement park, giant wheel and carousel, shooting gallery, foam bath, pure (innocent) nature, mourning mass, peep-show, fashion show back-stage, worship of kitsch-madonna, Micky-Mao, home blessing, tin rabbit-tin dog-tin-coke-tin beer, hunting lodge with trophies, trickster mediator at sausage competition, in leggings and in leopard pattern, pelisse, tiara ...

The amplitude grew: the heights increased and the gaps deepened, the speed of fall and ascent also increased, rage, despair, enthusiasm and pathos grew, the electric discharge of pleasure, stroke of lightning, everything is true and its opposite is also true at the same time.

In the deafening noise, in the flashing, rotating storm of light, in time shrunk into moments, they seek themselves, each other, the future, eternal life, eternal youth, exploding eternal health, hyper beauty, success, happiness, more and more at an insane pace, sweeter, shinier … this is the great march forward, through all obstacles, into happiness.

TranzDanz also continued to work during the pandemic, producing LOST ..., Csardas in the Thunderstorm and Transit in various formations. The Last Csardas is the closing piece of the TranzDanz csardas trilogy.
Place: National Dance Theatre Budapest
Address: 1024 Budapest, Kis Rókus u. 16-20.
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