Flavours Of Balaton - In Budapest, Erzsébet tér, 1 - 2 May

  • 4 Apr 2010 1:00 AM
Flavours Of Balaton - In Budapest, Erzsébet tér, 1 - 2 May
"The winemakers of Lake Balaton will have the leading role in the Capital on the 1st and 2nd of May. On the second Balaton Region Wine Festival look for a high standard cultural offer, excellent wines and everybody is waited for with more delicate Hungarian foods.

Behind the event for winemakers of the Balaton Wine Region and for Balaton Wine case committed persons and the cooperation of trade organisations is at a standstill. Their aim for the area's winery at his authentic representation with a wider circle, the presentation of the variegated flavour world of some wine-growing regions belonging to the region, his popularisation.

They are working hard in order that the wines with a distinguished quality produced in Balaton wine region are the domestic one and the international ones as the part of a wine culture let them be known ones and acknowledged ones.

Between more thousand of the visitors of the Festival, you may meet the wonderful cellars of Lake Balaton with a winemaker's artists, who will acquaint the interested ones with their wines and that philosophy personally, which it is accompanied in the course of their whole career.

All this with similar vocation and standard music artists make it in the accompaniment. In the musical supply we can find jazz, folk music, world music and etno funk. We may find between the artists Hungary's 2008 cultural ambassador and the best domestic world music album honoured band. On both days will step up the hungarian follower of Django Reinhardt, who made gypsy jazz popular.

Next to more than 100 wine speciality there will be a lot of worthy gastronomic supply, with amazing foods. Inevitable from among the flavours of Lake Balaton the fish soup, but who desires more special one, it truffle, you are according to the grandmas' prescription prepared may taste cakes.

To the wines various cheeses are offered yet and of course roasts, too.

A more perfect site could not have been found for the festival, than downtown Erzsébet square, which is easy beside his accessibility, the park renewed recently extended it by green environment, promises really pleasant recreation, where after the dusk stormy entertainment expected.

Balaton wine region soil combination is exceptionally diverse. The sandy, chalky, clayey soils the Pannon sea, while the young basalt mountains the volcanic activity heritages, these soils get mixed here and there. The greatness of the areas with loess soil is considerable apart from these. For the different soils due, that the wines of Lake Balaton most variegated, in mineral rich.

Between the region's traditional grapes several hungaricums and the popular world ones – primarily the bordeaux-i and Burgundian kinds too – can be found. The grape plantations provide stock with a distinguished quality to the winery duly for more sunshine at the average one, indeed, the considerable part of the north shore enjoys the effect of the water surface of Balaton repulsing solar radiation.

In the region's white wine supply depend on type and terroir because of the easy-more going, fresh and fragrant style the taller acid and containing alcohol, more aged until a style everything which can be found. Big the choice from the red wines with elegant, tannin, tall alcohol content with a big body. Who the rosé is though onto wines curious, will not be disappointed likewise, since most wineries try to fulfil his claim."


Sat 1 May
14.00 Bácsi Gyula és barátai
16.00 Swing Manouche Project
18.00 Tárkány Művek
20.00 Kerekes Band

Sunday, 2 May
13.00 Gyárfás Kvartett
15.00 Swing Manouche Project
17.00 Fabula Rasa
19.00 Napra

Source: balatonborfeszt.hu

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