Power Games, Ludwig Museum, Shown Now

  • 20 Apr 2010 2:00 AM
Power Games, Ludwig Museum, Shown Now
"PowerGames aims to create a space for showing a wide range of approaches that problematize the relations between art and its political and social impact, its possible influence on our community. Featuring works by Danish artists and artist groups, the exhibition endeavours to open a dialogue and to give Hungarian audiences access to attitudes that shape collective thinking and responsible behaviour, exploring critical points on relevant and topical social and economic issues.

PowerGames challenges our understandings of nationality, tolerance, responsible social and political thinking, and the role of contemporary art in our changing world. The participating artists view art as an active contribution to the social dialogue. Their works investigate and reflect on a number of themes, ranging from the social construction of identity through changing economic power relations to the boundaries between the public and the private space.

They critically address environmental problems and issues such as the disposition of power in society. They attempt to reflect on the problem of emerging nationalism, while we learn about the relation and interaction between history and memory and how they are dealt with in terms of constructed notions. The importance of self-scrutiny and reinterpretation of the past is also pointed out along with the power of media to shape public opinion and influence the public sphere.

The works featured at the exhibition investigate the territories and borderlines as they appear in the social landscape of today while showing new, alternative scopes of action in our relation to society, challenging a number of existing power structures in various ways."

Source: Ludwig Museum

Address: Komor Marcell u. 1, Budapest, H-1095
Phone: +36 1 555 3444

Photo: Michael Elmgreen & Ingar Dragset: When a Country Falls in Love with Itself, 2008.

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