Experience Art, Don’t Just Own It

  • 30 Jul 2010 1:00 AM
Experience Art, Don’t Just Own It
"First art rental company launches in Budapest. - Companies can now rent artwork for their office, boardroom, canteen or hallways, and rotate this on a regular basis. HangArts cooperates with many Hungarian artists, and offers a diverse catalogue of paintings and photographs. Companies can exchange the artwork after one month, and revive the office space at low cost. HangArts offers 50% of the rental fee to the artist.

“Renting art can be more affordable then owning art.”, says Julie Van Hemelryck, founder of HangArts. We have different price categories, but our prices start from 2500 HUF a month, for a set of three photographs. This includes delivery, free consulting, and full insurance of the artwork. This means that companies can regularly inject new life in the office.
Not only companies can look into the option of renting art, as restaurants, hotels, and even households can benefit from this. The effect and impressions that art pieces have on the environment, should never be underestimated."

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Julie Van Hemelryck


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