eLearning Trends In Hungary – A Research By Innotica Group

  • 16 Aug 2010 1:00 AM
eLearning Trends In Hungary – A Research By Innotica Group
"Innotica Group, a leading provider of innovative eLearning solutions in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), headquartered in Budapest, Hungary announced to undertake a research on the current trends of eLearning usage in the region. The research was initiated by customer needs to map best practices and forecast market changes due to significant budget cuts within HR and ICT departments.

How much do CEE companies spend on eLearning today? Which are the most popular training areas? What are the main concerns regarding distance learning? How will eLearning affect the corporate education and trainings in the future? These are questions, among several others, to be asked from HR professionals working at multinational companies in 12 CEE countries.

„By reducing the ‘traditional’ training-associated loss of work hours, travel cost, administration expenses major cost reductions are possible” says Dr. Zoltan Csedo, General Manager of Innotica Group. „With modern eLearning Technologies the availability of custom-tailored training portfolios for each employee has significantly grown.”

On the other hand, eLearning means also heavy investments in course contents and technology. But what kind of priority tasks should HR professionals include in their learning & development strategies?

„We are aware that our markets are continuously changing, new skills and knowledge are required. We must adapt ourselves quickly and efficiently in order to assure competitive advantage during the years of the global financial crisis. How can eLearning support us?” asks a regional HR director of a leading FMCG company.

Nevertheless, questions do arise when it comes to comparing the effectiveness of classroom trainings versus eLearning. In some specific cases, where emphasis is placed on the development of communication skills, personal contact is indispensable – and thus it can be provided by blended learning solutions, that combine eLearning and classroom trainings. Basic knowledge about the topic, case studies and small interactive tasks that can help understand the crucial points of the material, can be efficiently delivered, however, through eLearning courses.

The results of the eLearning Trends 2010 Research are going to be published in Q4 2010. „We expect significant changes of best practices in training and development” says Dr. Csedo. „Because of the global financial crisis, he adds, there is an increased market need for more focus in delivering knowledge that assures true competitive advantage for customers.”

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Innotica Group’s innovations enable global enterprises, government, academic and research institutions in Central and Eastern Europe to maximize their business performance through a combination of comprehensive eLearning and Knowledge Management content, flexible and custom-tailored technologies, as well as a broad range of consulting and support services.

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