Hungarian Ideas For Environment-Friendly Transport

  • 25 Apr 2012 9:00 AM
Hungarian Ideas For Environment-Friendly Transport
Alternative fuelled vehicles constructed by Hungarian university teams were presented on 23 April, 2012 in the driving technology centre of Hungaroring. The apparatuses that were available for on-site testing will compete at several international competitions in the near future. The Ministry of National Development will of to promote the engineering students' successful participation. A separate project office was set up in order to promote and coordinate higher education workshops.

The Ministry plans to set up a National Project Office for Students in order to support vehicle developer teams active in higher education institutions. Regular consultation will be initiated between universities, students, professional organisations and industrial companies on the terms of operation and maintenance. Research findings, which will increase in number as a result of talent support and the popularization of technical and scientific careers and training, may subsequently be used as Hungarian world patents.

The Ministry will help each Hungarian team to compete at this year's Shell Eco-Marathon by contributing one million forints to their travel and accommodation costs. The winner of the international competition will be the creator of the vehicle that is capable of travelling the longest distance with one litre of petrol.

For the first time this year, near 300 teams over 3000 students from 24 countries will be allowed to test their vehicles in the street. Hungary will be represented by students from the Kandó Kálmán Technical School, the College of Kecskemét, the University of Óbuda, the University of Pécs and the Széchenyi University of Győr.

The operation of alternative fuelled vehicles do not increase emission and thus contribute to sustainable mobility and compliance with the climate protection obligations undertaken by Hungary. Elaboration of the required manufacturing technology will create jobs for young engineers starting out on a career with specialised knowledge. The extension of Hungary's knowledge base may lead to the elaboration of solutions that can be disseminated in the international markets.

Emission may be reduced most spectacularly in energy, closely followed by transport. Both in Hungary and in the international context, this requires the close cooperation of the specialised fields and the coordination of sectoral strategies.

(Ministry of National Development , Department of Communication)


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