Invitation: Time Attack - Hungarian Version, Hungaroring, 20 May

  • 16 May 2012 9:00 AM
Invitation: Time Attack - Hungarian Version, Hungaroring, 20 May
How amateur time trial car racing spreads in Hungary? After a short break, we check in with a new post before the car racing season 2012. As you know, we are about to introduce a wide variety of vehicles from street tuning cars to amateur race cars. We pay attention to the coolest innovations and events where the owners of these prodigies can gratify their passions. In this post, we are going to highlight the popular time trial that is widely adopted all over the world. This is Time Attack. Let’s see the Hungarian version.

Originated in Japan as a proving ground for street tuned cars built by tuning companies.The tuning factories organized the event on race circuits such as Tsukuba Circuit, but Motegi and Suzuka are just as favourable.

The fairly famous Best Motoring tests and race videos (in which cars from different manufacturies are being compared in race circumstancies in 3,5,7 lap races) are shot here. We can select from more than hundred videos on the largest videosharing platform and the variety of car comparison is also huge.

One of my personal favourites is this video

Timing preceding the race and the pilot who runs the worst time wins the pole position. What can be interesting is that cars with different capacity and weight would compete against each other and sometimes the result is suprising.

Certainly, before race the data are being introduced such as weight, horsepower and technical modifications (brake, tire, running gear). This is actually a huge help for the local tuners because the tuning styles are strongly the best in Japan.

Time Attack in Hungary

In 2007 Gábor Fömötör decided to create a fair, clear, uniform tournament given the proper conditions and infrastructure with good atmosphere instead of the obsolate system. The rules and the name have been already known from Japan, Time Attack, where the fastest Hungarian racing cars could be seen by the curious fans.

The top cars are usually built cars, but the competition is divided into different categories, therefore also the lower budget car owners can enjoy the beneficial effect of the adrenalin and the petrol vapour. The timing lasts about 2 hours and 25-30 cars take part actively in the event.The pit is open constantly, thus in order to avoid an accident, 20-25 cars could be on the trace at the same time.That means, every pilot has the right to run as much laps as he can during the 2 hours.

They have to calculate with the ability of the car and the dangerous situtations. The fastest lap counts and the evaluation comes according to this result. It’ possible that the fastest lap does not belong to the most powerful car. The fortitude of a vehicle is very important, but even a weaker car would hit on the circuit if the brake, the tire and the running-gear are choosen properly.

The categories are measured according to weight/ horsepower rate:

Sport category: above 5.5
Pro category : between 4-5.5
Race category: below 4

If anyone uses non-licensed slick street tires or proper adjustable, sport or race running-gear, that is calculated with -0.5 per each modification relating to the weight/ horsepower rate. It is a well-coordinated system. The only wicket is if the owner didn’t admit the actual power of the car.

Even in this case the problem would be solved easily.We have a good relationship with the members of the online automobile clubs. The news get about immediately. When someone sets in an enormous modification everyone gets to know it within hours. This is not a place for fudging.

I would divide the competitors to 2 parts. There are the so called pros, who pay attention to every tiny details and setting. They are visiting driving technique trainings in the hope of mend the pace and break the spacetime record in the race category. In this case, technical knowledge and experience are supporting from the background, this level almost reach the professionals’.

Every question is answered, no matter if it’s tirepressure, temperature or running gear camber. As a beginner, it is worth visiting these events to gain knowledge and improve our skills. Parallel with the drivers mentioned above, there is the group of those who reckon this as a hobby: they don’t take it so seriously, but they can satisfy their needs for speed. This is a good point and opportunity. This mentality doesn’t last long, actually until someone thumb a ride next to a pro driver.

After that he will see the braking manoeuvres, the curves and he will realize how the records could be hit. Another possibility is when a carpartner with the same car choses better tires, and that person runs a 2 seconds better time per lap. Of course the pepper bites the tongue, so sooner or later he will get into the treadwheel, and there is no way back.

It is important in all 3 categories that the cars should own the correct technical specifications before the race in order to stop only for refridgeration after opening the pit stop. Presuming a hot summer day when everything heats up and wears out easily, if the god of technics is on our side as well, a car without mistakes can usually run 20-25 laps in Hungaroring in 2 hours.

Until today, Hungaroring, Pannoniaring and Euro-Ring gave place to the Hungarian Time Attack. This year Slovakia Ring is planned to be registered in the race schedule. We had the opportunity to try the track and I can say without prejudice that the 6 different traces that can be work up hide surprise even for the amateurs. The directors of the Ring wait for the guests with professional attitude. 

The question just emerges: why isnt’t there a standing start, the most exciting method of racing? In these videos above, professional pilots test the cars and they take the responsibility for the incidental damage. From this point of view, standing start from the starting rows is not possible of safety reasons.

It is not allowed because of the lack of rollover bar. No matter how experienced a pilot is, no one take the responsibility for a bad stopping distance, curve speed or overtaking manoeuvre damage. On the other hand, these vehicles are the apples of the owner’s eyes, so man cannot  imagine the craziness after a fender –bender.

Getting back to this year, in 2012 the team of and start these events together. Our aim is to support more and more racer-minded fellows to leave the streets, avoid the highway speed races and join the race track.

According to my latest information, Totalcar and Slovakia Ring will come up with something really awesome.

Time schedule is the following:

16.00-17.45 registration, takeover of equipments and transponders
17.45-17.55 short meeting in the pit
18.00 pit stop opening, Hungarian Time Attack, Hungaroring Cup
20.00 pit stop close
20.15 announcement of the results
20.20 hand down of equipments, transponders, leaving or staying ( optional)
Please fill the entry form if you would like to apply and send it to us.

Click here to dowload the form

Entry fee: 30,000 HUF/ car
10% discount is guaranteed if you pay in advance with remittance: 27,000 HUF/car
Bank account nr: 10918001-00000085-28850008 TOP CHALLENGE

Wearing a helmet is obligatory!

Free entrance for spectators and passengers!

If you need more info just click here

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