Invitation: 'Day Of Tourism ' In Veszprém, West Hungary, 7 July

  • 6 Jul 2012 9:00 AM
Invitation:  'Day Of Tourism ' In Veszprém, West Hungary, 7 July
On 7 July we offer families and all visitors interesting and interactive programmes. This is the third time we organise the 'Tourism Day' in Veszprém in order to promote tourism and Veszprém. The programmes will take place around the new Tourinform Office (Old Town square 2.) this Saturday from 10:00 to 18:00.

You can take part in three unique tour-guides either on foot or on wheels. The special tour-guides will be performed by well-known personalities from Veszprém:

- from 10 o'clock Dr. Tibor Navracsics (university teacher and politologist) invites you and your friends to discover together the socialist part of the city during the "Retro-Veszprém" tour.
- the sport fans can take part in the "Nordic-Walking" from 10 o'clock guided by Edit Neubaurné, the president of the Hungarian Touristic Association

Start form the Hotel Villa Medici with your own gears!
- from 17 o'clock "Z+Z" sight-seeing by bicycle led by Zoltán Debreczeny, artist from Veszprém and Zoltán Mászáros, the creatort of VeszprémFest and touristic expert awarded with Gisella-Price.

Star: SOON....., you can participate only with your own bike!
- During this day you can discover several "Secret Places" of Veszprém; there will be only 2 open-hours to have a look into the world of hidden stairways, aisles and tunnels. The following places will be opened from 15:00:

 Petőfi Theatre in Veszprém (Óvári F. str. 2) - behind the scenes
- Hero Gate/Castle Gate (Vár str. 2) - It used to be like that.... What it will be like?
- Small Gallery (Vár str. 3) - secret strairway to the Fire Tower
- Bunker in the Benedict Hill
(Everyone should bring a flashlight)
- The Former Small Railway Tunnel
(Everyone should bring a flashlight)

A wide scale of the playful programme is awaiting the visitors on the Old Town square (around the Tourinform in Veszprém) with the contribution of the Faculty of Economics form the University of Pannonia. You can take part in hunter games in the Castle area where people can find surprise treasures. The Quiz sheet can be taken over at the Tourinform office or you can download and print it by clicking here.

Every good solution will be rewarded with some promotional gifts from Veszprém! The Quiz sheet can be handed over at the Tourinform office up to 18:00 on the 8th of July (Sunday).

What's more, those who participate in our programme will be given coupons which are valid during the week-end and can be used up in numerous places: you can use it for lower charge for entry fee or for reduction at the restaurant among others. The list of locations where these coupons can be used up and the types of benifits can be read here (the final list will be accessible from the 30th of June, 2012.).

You do not always have to make long journey to get the experience of discovery! Please, do come and amaze on the marvelous city how much value is hidden in it.

Source and further information: Tourinform Veszprém
Old Town square 2., Veszprém
Telephone number: (+36) 88 404 548

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