1,000 Hackers From 20 Countries To Attend Festival In Budapest

  • 4 Oct 2012 12:50 PM
1,000 Hackers From 20 Countries To Attend Festival In Budapest
On October 12-13 Hacktivity, the largest independent IT security festival in Central and Eastern Europe, will be held for the ninth time. Around 1,000 hackers from 20 countries will listen to Hungarian and foreign speakers, three world famous keynote speakers will arrive from the US and England, there will be interactive workshops, hardware hacking, lockpicking, a 24-hour hacker competition with 24 stops for valuable prizes.

This year’s programme will be based once again on the latest and most important trends and results of IT security. During the two days participants will have the chance to attend thirty presentations including subjects such as source code security analysis, TOP 10 SAP errors, Paypass vulnerabilities, ESET antivirus neutralizing, PKI hijacking, biometrics, self defending databases, untraceable mobile phones and NAT attacks.

Three world famous keynote speakers will present at the conference. Jeff Bardin, Chief Intelligence Officer and one of the most respected experts in the field of cyber crime and cyber terrorism will come from the US. His talk will cover the cyber intelligence lifecycle (OSINT), including examples of cyber espionage, sock puppet creation, collection and analysis of information from blogs and social media. Sir David Pepper (from England) was the Director of the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) – the UK Government’s agency responsible for Signals Intelligence and electronic information security.

He is currently a member of the Advisory Board of Thales UK, and works with Deloitte on cyber risk and national security issues. In his talk Sir David Pepper will present the evolution of the cyberspace and speak about the coming trends. Shakeel Tufail (also from the US) is a renowned software security expert with over 22 years of experience acquired at AOL, Secure Ninja, Pentagon, Cigital and Fortify. He is currently the Federal Practice Director for HP Enterprise Security Solutions. His talk will focus on best practices and a hands-on approach that will provide attendees with a better understanding of how to conduct threat modelling in their organization.

And there are more programmes to look forward to. Hacktivity is a real interactive festival with two days of experience awaiting participants. You can attend hacking sessions (Hello Workshops) in small groups (no more than 20 people), making participants go all the way from theory to practice in six topics. We will have Hello Injection, Hello CA, Hello source code analysis and Hello Iptables workshops and the presentation of a brand-new Hacking platform. Each Hello Workshop will be held three times, enabling over 300 people to receive hands-on knowledge and experience during the two days.

There will be real DIY activities too including a hardware workshop organized by H.A.C.K. where you can weld the TV-B-Gone kit again, which was a “highly successful” product two years ago in multimedia stores. A Lockpicking course and competition sponsored by Lockpicking Blog will also be held where we can learn how to open the cabinet if we have lost the key and why the apparently massive locks and padlocks we bought at the Chinese market lull users into a false sense of security.

For the first time, a U25 corner will be set up for the future generation. Graduates under 25 can meet, talk and ask for advice here in an informal mood from IT experts who in many cases have already obtained international experience.

This year’s highlight, attracting big attention, is Hack24, a 24-hour team competition made up of 24 stops with fantastic challenges for valuable prizes. Tasks will include computer hacking simulation designed by Webshark Kft.; XBOX Kinnect Gunstringer set up by Fortinet; Urban Warrior where you have to get the code from the safe by freeing your hands from handcuffs; riddles on posters: aka Hacker Road 1.0; code cracking hidden in the Hacktivity mobile application developed by InstApp; log analysis of a bank burglary in SPLUNK made by RRC Kft.; social engineering from morning till night and several surprise courses.

According to last year’s statistics from the Aruba Wifi network, one in four participants had a smart phone in their pockets. This share is expected to rise so yielding to temptation we will have a Hacktivity app for Android and iPhone, supported by InstApp, for the Festival! You can use the mobile app to follow the programme, mark the presentation you want to attend and last but not least take part in the Hack24 game!

For the second time, the exclusive Diamond Sponsor of the conference is Deloitte Hungary, the region’s leading information security expert. Through its support, Deloitte recognizes the efforts of Hacktivity’s organizers to bring together experts from Hungary and the region who are outstanding in their fields, be they grand old men with decades of experience or fresh talent just out of school.

Gold Sponsors include RRC Hungary, Webshark and the Vodafone-Shared Service Center Hungary – Technology Security division that provides worldwide IT security and remote services to Vodafone member companies. The Technology Security division incorporates several teams covering various areas of IT security including the Ethical Hacking team which tests Vodafone’s network and applications looking for new vulnerabilities.

The Network Security team is responsible for setting up and operating WAF/IDS/IPS and other network security technologies. The IT Security team controls endpoint protection and other gateway protection solutions. The Vulnerability Management conducts regular vulnerability assessments. Demand and Delivery Management is a team specializing in managing security projects. Security Architects design the placement of new security devices.

Biztributor, a Silver Sponsor, provides the conference’s secure WiFi network through Aruba Networks tools. Our other Silver sponsors include Fortinet, HP Hungary and Sybase mobility. Bronze Sponsors are AdNovum, Aruba Networks, ASC, kancellar.hu, SecureNinja and Sicontact.

Source, further information, detailed programme and registration: hacktivity.com

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