Budapest Airport: New Parking System Proves Itself

  • 18 Oct 2012 9:00 AM
Budapest Airport: New Parking System Proves Itself
Since its commissioning in August, the new parking system of Budapest Airport at Terminal 2 is functioning well without any interruption. Drivers were quick to learn the new arrangements which were launched in the second half of the tourist season, thanks to the well-prepared system of information incorporating major components such as unambiguous naming of parking spaces and colors assisting differentiation. Vehicle traffic in front of the airport terminals has become safer and smoother than ever.

The new parking system of Budapest Airport – launched on 8 August – has passed its exam with an ‘A’. On the road in front of Terminal 2, vehicle traffic has become safer, and it has become easier for drivers to access the airport terminals. Based on the experience of the first two months it can be stated that entry and exit systems of various car parks and the preceding pre-information systems worked appropriately even in the summer peak.

One of the main components of the new parking system at the airport is that drivers are directed to different car parks depending on how they intend to leave behind their vehicles – for a few minutes, hours, days, or weeks. The renaming of car parks has made it quite simple to see even en route, from the car, which car park fits best the needs of the driver. Easy-to-distinguish colors are also linked with the names, and therefore it is always clear which car park the driver intends to enter.

“When the new parking arrangements were set up, the main focus was user-friendliness in order to ensure high-quality service for our passengers from the moment they arrive at the airport,” said Alan Bork, Director of Business Unit Consumer of Budapest Airport. He added, “It was an important point that based on examples which have proven successful abroad, we should implement a transparent and clearly understandable parking product here in Budapest, which we have managed to accomplish, as shown by the experience of the first two months of operation of the new system.”

More about Budapest Airport’s new parking products:

One of the services most often used by drivers called Premium Parking (formerly known as the Pay-and-Display car park) marked and identified with the color red can be found directly on the roads next to the departure and arrival levels of the terminal. The color green stands for Terminal Parking (previously called Short-term car park) lying directly in front of the large area in front of Terminal 2.

In addition to the two most widely known car parks, the rest of the facilities have received new markings and names as well. The two long-term car parks are now called Holiday Parking and Holiday Plus Parking. The latter can be found twice closer to the terminal building. In the new system, one has to follow the color blue or purple to access these car parks. The guarded Business Parking is indicated by the color of gold, and its users also receive free transfer between the car park and the entrance to the terminal.

Source: Budapest Airport

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