II. Flow Leadership Conference, Sofitel Chain Bridge Budapest, 8 November

  • 5 Nov 2012 1:00 AM
II. Flow Leadership Conference, Sofitel Chain Bridge Budapest, 8 November
One Day of Inspiration for Leaders: What makes an organization successful? And, when it exceeds others, why does it happen at a certain time and way and why does it follow a certain pattern? What is the link between a leader’s carrier path and the rise of the organization he or she leads? How does a leader’s personal growth influence the organization’s development? How do successful leaders develop themselves, others and their organizations? What is worth to learn from others in this topic? We are looking for answers to these questions at the Flow Leadership Conference.

Round Table of Top Leaders - Well known and recognized leaders will speak about their exciting, yet very different personal leadership road they have taken to become successful, along with the organizations they lead.

Our audience will be able to actively join the second half of the conversation.

Participants of the Round Table:

Christopher Mattheisen – Chairman and CEO of Magyar Telekom
Zoltán Széni – Regional HR Director of Ernst & Young
József Tarsoly – Managing Director of Coca Cola HBC
Natália Vicsápi Bugyi – Managing Director of Navi Graf (Businesswoman of the year in Slovakia)

Speakers of the day will be:

John Scherer (USA):Just How Good Could You Be - Authentic Leaders, Authentic Leadership

Cyriel Kortleven (Belgium): Experiencing Flow and Creativity – Interactive Journey to the World of Innovation

Barbara McAfee (USA): Full Voice: Unleashing the Power of Your Vocal Presence

Ian McClean (Ireland) and Blair Steinbach (Canada): Managing Performance Through „GreenLine” Conversations

Flow Leadership Modell®

A possible and desired development model for leaders and organizations based on the flow theory by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.
Creating an environment that supports our colleagues in being successful, with the help of the Flow Leadership Model. Professional demonstration.

Personal Development of Leaders

Methods and case studies by the Flow Group.

What should you expect from the conference?

Inspiration * new approaches in leadership * leadership theory in practice * sharing best practices * thinking together * tangible guidelines, indicators and ideas * great presenters * thoughtful participants, leaders from the field of HR

Our participants will be HR and top managers and learning and development professionals. Everyone will be given the opportunity to share professional experiences and exchange best practices during the day. Our goal is to deepen professional dialogue among participants.

Our accompanying program runs under the name: „In FLOW”, in which we called for applications by amateur and beginner artists.
The best pieces of art work will be chosen by a jury and will be displayed at the conference. An audience award will be granted based on the votes of our participants. The awarding ceremony is the closing program of the conference, where our participants can meet the artists in person.

Simultaneous interpretation will be provided all day. We welcome our non-English speaking Hungarian and our non-Hungarian speaking foreign guests as well.

Some of the feedback from the 2011 Flow Leadership Conference:

Congratulations, this was one of the greatest conferences I have participated at.
Colorful program, different views on the same topic, I could finally get out of the rut. I was not bored for one minute.
I learned professional practices that I can use in my everyday life.

Source and registration: flowcsoport.hu

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