Gluttonous Thursday In Budapest On 31 January

  • 24 Jan 2013 11:00 AM
Gluttonous Thursday In Budapest On 31 January
There is one Thursday every year that is different from all the others in Hungary, known as Torkos Csütörtök - expats know it as Gluttonous Thursday. On this day anyone can eat and drink for half price in more than 1000 restaurants in Hungary.

The concept has been a success for many years, and on this Thursday restaurant are packed with people from lunch time until close of day. Some of the Budapest's best restaurants, places you may not afford during the rest of the year, are always packed out.

Not all restaurants in Budapest and Hungary join in on this offer, but quite a lot of famous places can be found on the list of participants. If you want a table in any restaurant on this Thursday make sure to book a table beforehand.

Every year there are stories of restaurants trying to trick their guests and not giving half price on both drinks and meals, but according to the official rules you are to get everything at 50%, so in case of problems you can refer to the rule and if they do not listen, make sure to write down the name of the restaurant and tell them that you will spread the word.

Some of the restaurants participating include: Karpátia, Mátyás Pince, Apostolok, Columbus, Jerney Italian Bistro, Negro, Ötkert, Paris Budapest, BorLaBor, Il Basilico, Trattoria Mamma, Baraka, Chez Daniel, Araz, Noir et l’or, Szeged Vendéglő, Alabárdos – and many, many more.

Source: Budapest Blog

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