Hungarian Impoverished Demand‭ ‬‘Car-Boot‭’‬ Style Flea-Markets

  • 8 Jan 2013 8:00 AM
Hungarian Impoverished Demand‭ ‬‘Car-Boot‭’‬ Style Flea-Markets
An increasing number of people struggling to stay afloat in Hungary‭’‬s draconian austerity and economic climate‭ ‬have demanded that the government and local councils allow them to vender their‭ “"junk‭" to generate a meagre living.‭ ‬Elderly and unemployed citizens told Budapest Report that they have no formal vending site to sell their scrap and unwanted‭ ‬belongings.

“‎We‭ ‬are constantly hounded by public area supervisors,‭ ‬who make us pack up and scatter as they demand that we obtain a vending permit,‭”‬ said‭ ‬appointed spokesperson and‭ ‬unemployed fitter and turner Janos Szabo‭ (‬54‭)‬,‭ ‬“what we need is a car-boots style flea-market where anyone can sell anything legally for a token price.‭ ‬

All I wanted to do is sell my old safety boots and my wife‭’‬s curtains and old porcelain dolls to buy groceries,‭ ‬before I was ordered to pack and go by the authorities,‭”‬ he said.

By Tamas S. Kiss, published on with the permission of

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