Rich History & Huge Dishes At Haxen King Restaurant In Budapest

  • 31 Jan 2013 10:35 AM
Rich History & Huge Dishes At Haxen King Restaurant In Budapest
A good indicator of Budapest’s growth in multiculturalism is the variety of restaurants now available. In addition to exotic Asian delights, American fast-food restaurants, gyros or kebab stands, and as well as hearty Magyar options, surprisingly great German cuisine can be found in the heart of the city - and what's more, for over a century Haxen has been serving a mixture of authentic Bavarian and deliciously enormous Hungarian dishes.

'Haxen King Restaurant', appropriately located in a street of the same name, Király (King) Street, has a long history. Since 1893 it has been welcoming its guests, and since that time it has become one of the most popular restaurants in the city. It is the beloved choice of many famous Hungarian artists, politicians, sportsmen, businessmen. Whether it is the captivating ambience, the excellent meals or superb Hungarian wines within which the restaurant’s success lies is for to you to decide, according to the website of Haxen.

In this article we will try to unravel some of the reasons for its long-standing success. Firstly, its atmosphere. The restaurant is unparalleled here; it preserves the traditions of the Bavarian heritage well. It can also be likened to a prestigious Bavarian pub offering a variety of great beers to choose from. The decor is quite puritan in taste and takes you back in time to the era in which the restaurant was founded. The tinted glass, wooden tools, century old iron work, and a variety of furniture and fittings are what gives the restaurant its early 20th century Bavarian feel. The wooden chairs are quite comfortable despite their appearance and all the wooden furniture and decoration just add to the wonderful atmosphere of the restaurant.

Next, the food. When a meal arrives to the table the first thing that's immediately apparent is the gargantuan amount. Whether it's an appetizer, soup, the main course or dessert, Haxen makes sure you will leave the table weighing a few pounds heavier! It’s not unusual to see two people diving into one mixed grill plate, which speaks volumes about the huge portions.

The restaurant isn’t called King for nothing; not only are the portions befitting royalty, the flavours are also outstanding. German cuisine is quite heavy – and according to tradition Haxen’s menu – also consists of trotters, steak, meatloaf and various smoke-dried meats. These heavy foods are well seasoned, perhaps on occasions with a little too much salt, but this is counteracted by excellent side dishes, sauerkraut, leek or other garnish.

Haxen wouldn’t be an authentic Bavarian restaurant without great beers, wine, and some form of hard liquor. There can be no complaint on that front either, as the restaurant offers a wide range of beverages to choose from to suits all tastes. However, one should be prepared for a weighty bill when choosing alcohol to accompany the menu. Beers for 990 HUF are a little overpriced.

If you are ever in the neighborhood of Haxen, perhaps when visiting the Terror House or the Puppet Museum and decide to experience some really delicious Bavarian style food in an authentic restaurant, then Haxen is the place to go. The prices might seem a little high at first glance, but the huge servings and the quality is worth every forint! Considering the popularity of the restaurant, it is advised to book a reservation beforehand.

Address: 1068 Budapest, Király u.100.
Tel: +36 1/ 351-6793

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