Invitation: 'Faith, Hope & Love' Book Reading, Moha Café Budapest, 1 July

  • 25 Jun 2013 9:00 AM
Invitation: 'Faith, Hope & Love' Book Reading, Moha Café Budapest, 1 July
Save the date: Join us at 20.00 on 1st July at Moha Art Café for a literary affair during which Zaid S Sethi, a writer and photographer living in Hungary will read from his new novel, Faith, Hope and Love. Those who come early can join the finnisage of Zaid’s portrait exhibition of contemporary Hungarian artists which starts at 19.00 giving you the opportunity to savour the delights of the café’s extensive selection of drinks, snacks and main courses on offer while waiting for the reading. Come along, make an evening of it.

About the author

Zaid S Sethi was born in Pakistan. He moved with his parents to England when he was a year old. He left home 18 years ago living and working in Central Asia, the Caucuses and St Petersburg, Russia before moving to Budapest six year ago.
His writing career started as a poet which resulted in the publication of a collection of poetry under the title ‘Solitude’. After a long interlude he published a collection of short stories, ‘The End of the World & Other Stories,’ in 2009 which was followed by another collection, ‘The Dream of Angels & Other Stories last year. He has also written two plays; ‘The Affair’ which was performed last year and ‘Lavender’s Blue’ which is slated to be performed later this year. April this year saw the publication of his first novel, ‘Faith, Hope & Love’.

About the event

On 1 July at 20.00, Zaid will give a reading from his new novel and will be available after the reading for questions.
The MOHA Art Café is a delightful oasis in the 11th District at 11 Bartok Bela, a short walk from the Gellert Hotel that houses a the sister Godot Gallery upstairs, a cinema downstairs and a coffee shop in between serving great food, coffees for the connoisseur and drinks for the sated, in an ambience conducive to animated discussions on art, tentative beginnings of romance, as well as a pit stop on the way home. Those who have the time and inclination are also invited to the finissage of a portrait exhibition of 20 contemporary artists that is scheduled to precede the reading at 19.00 during which you will be able to take a last look at the pictures and get your drinks before the reading.

About the book

Matthew, having achieved enough success in business to be of independent means, is content to quietly go about his life enjoying the generosity of friends and Stella’s affection. One lazy Sunday evening, after a long and liquid lunch with friends in the country, he meets Rachel; a girl almost half his age, on the train journey home. An innocent conversation rekindles the desires of youth as he struggles to cope with the effort of falling in love all over again. This is a story that explores the vulnerability of being alone, and the imagination we rely on to make dreams come true. The book is on sale at Alexandra Bookshops.

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