Xpat Opinion: Living Healthy In Budapest

  • 22 Jul 2013 9:00 AM
Xpat Opinion: Living Healthy In Budapest
I once spoke to a movie director who frequently comes to Budapest to record films here. She told me that every time she visit Budapest she puts on weight because food is so fat and unhealthy here. In the hotel the cereals had chocolate in them and lots of similar things makes it hard for people eat and live healthy. If you however desire to eat and live healthy, how to do so in Budapest?

If you want to live healthy in Budapest you might want to start moving your body. A great way of doing so is to go jogging and if you want to do so, why not read our earlier article presenting three great places to go running in Budapest?

Maybe you are tired of the Hungarian sausages full of preservatives and want to eat healthier? It is on fashion to eat healthier and that is why you can see in several CBA shops for example a large shelf packed with bio-products. Another way to grab hold of healthier products is to visit the bio markets in Budapest.

Here you can buy fresh, tasty and healthy vegetables and fruits instead of those sprayed with all kinds of materials. The most popular and famous bio market in Budapest is located by MOM Park. This market is open every Saturday from 6.30 until 12.30 and here you can buy products directly from the ones producing them and they should for sure be tasty and healthy!

Another market is located in the eleventh district of Budapest in th Alberfalvai market. This market is open from 7.00 until 15.00 every Saturday and the exact address is Fehérvári u. 213. You can get here easily using tram 18, 41 or 47.
Is it worth spending money buying bio products?

That is a good and valid question. I believe investing in your own health is good and useful, but how can I know that the products I buy really are bio and good? I guess that is a hard question, but it all have to do with trust and at such markets you can even speak to the owners themselves and hopefully you will find the answers you need. If you want a more traditional Bio shop online, Bio Menu could be the solution for you (if you understand some Hungarian as the page is only available in Hungarian).

It might be that you have to pay more for 1 kg of carrots at such a bio market than at Auchan or Tesco, but investing in your health is normally worth it. If you skip investing in your health now, you might have to pay the doctor or the pills later instead!

If you want to try to live healthier yourself, start today, one step at the time! An easy way to start is with smoothies, drinking fruits and vegetables. It is very healthy and tasty way of getting vitamins and minerals into the body that you are in need of. An inspiring site where you can find several smoothie recipes is RawLife.

Source: Budapest Guide

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