Invitation: 4th European String Quartet Festival, Károlyi Castle, Hungary, 20 - 22 September

  • 20 Sep 2013 9:00 AM
Invitation: 4th European String Quartet Festival, Károlyi Castle, Hungary, 20 - 22 September
You are cordially invited to attend the 4th European String Quartet Festival at the Károly Kastély in Fehérvárcsurgó (near Székesfehérvár),on Friday, Saturday & Sunday - September 20, 21 & 22. Four concerts are planned (3 evening & 1 afternoon) , featuring quartets from France, Czech Republic and Hungary. The Sunday afternoon concert is a Family Concert,. In addition there will be open rehearsals, meetings with the performers and other musical attractions and activities.

„Quartettissimo IV” 4th European String Quartet Festival

20th – 22nd September 2013
Károlyi kastély, Fehérvárcsurgó

Friday, September 20th
Quatuor Hermès (France)
Joseph Haydn: op. 76 n°5
André Boucourechliev :"Miroir II"
Ludwig van Beethoven: op18 n°1

Saturday, September 21st
Accord Quartet (Hungary)
Joseph Haydn: C-dur Quartett op. 20. no. 4.
Bartók Béla: 3. String Quartet Sz. 85, BB 93
Ludwig van Beethoven: C-dur "Rasumowsky" Quartet op. 59. no. 3.

Sunday, September 2nd
Kuppa Quartet (Hungary) (3 pm)
(Liszt Ferenc Music Academy Students Quartet)
Wolfgang A. Mozart: D minor Quartett (k. 421)
Robert Schuman: A major Quartett op. 41 No. 3

Doležal Quartet (Czech Republic) (7 pm)
Joseph Haydn : Quatuor en si-bémol-majeur, op.76, n°4 « Lever de soleil »
Antonin Dvorak : Quatuor en fa majeur, op.96, B

Meeting with Seppo Kimanen - (founder of the Jan Sibelius String Quartet and of the Kauniainen Festival, Finland)

Afternoon: music students concerts
Meetings with the musicians, Public rehearsals,

Presentation of the string quartet instruments by Adonyi Ivan, Bardi Szabolcs, Etzler Bernd, Farago-Thokoly Marton and Romanek Tihamer.
Children workshop, Family program on Sunday

Special offer:  Musical Wek-end Quartettissimo: 190€/ Person  (in double bed room, half pension and all the concerts)

Contact: Fehérvárcsurgó, Petőfi u. 2. Tel. 06 21 311 04 26

Ticket prices: 10 € and 8 €; 25 € for all three concerts
Hotel and Restaurant in the Palace

Source: Károlyi Castle

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