Invitation: Olaszrizling October First Time This Year

  • 9 Sep 2013 9:00 AM
Invitation: Olaszrizling October First Time This Year
During the calendar month of October, we would like to bring Olaszrizling wine into spotlight both for the wine enthusiasts and occasional wine lovers.

Olaszrizling is one of our major terroir vine variety which can be traced almost everywhere in Hungary. On one hand, Olaszrizling is used as raw material for making rich, complex and sophisticated wine that can be aged and authentically represents its terroir. On the other hand, due to its light, fruity, refreshing characteristics, it provides large number of consuming opportunities.

Throughout our program we would like to provide opportunity for winemakers to exhibit wide variety of terroir characters while illustrating different technological approaches to making Olaszrizling as a wine.

Our aim is to demonstrate that Olaszrizling is not only our everyday wine but parcel selections and selections can perfectly fit into special occasions. Hence, we are making every endeavor to encourage consumption and promote the values of the variety as well as to enlarge audience of Olaszrizling.

Grand Olaszrizling Tasting

General Information

- Date: 19th October, 2013 9.30AM-10PM (Saturday)
- Venue: Gerbeaud (1051 Budapest, Vörösmarty tér 7-8), atrium and the entire first floor
- Proposed Number of Exhibitors: 60 Winery and 15 other Exhibitors.

Borászportál-Borigo Afterparty
- Venue: NU Bisztró (NU – Bor és Bisztronómia, Eiffel tér, Teréz körút 55-57.)
- Free Entry, free welcome drink with Olaszrizling October wrist-bands

Normal and pre-registered entry tickets include free wine consumption!

VIP entry tickets also include, beyond free wine consumption, entry to the VIP room, free food from the offered in the VIP room, gift wineglass, gift drop-stop, expert guided tasting in groups of 4-5 persons, surprise upon leaving the event.

Wineglass rental: HUF1000 (refundable upon leaving the event)


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