Five Rural Properties From The Price Of One Budapest Flat

  • 10 Dec 2013 8:00 AM
Five Rural Properties From The Price Of One Budapest Flat
A flat that costs HUF 15 million in Budapest, costs less than HUF 5 million in Nógrád county. There are some Hungarian counties where property prices are below HUF 3 million. Origo’s latest property price research has revealed the most expensive and cheapest counties.

The fact that housing prices in Budapest are a lot higher than in the countryside does not come as a surprise, but considering the size of the country, the differences are quite shocking.

The recently published Otthontérkép (Home Map that includes a free database, search engine, average prices, and specific adverts) has come up with some interesting figures.

In Budapest, where half of the country’s real estates are being sold, the average price for a 60 square meter flat is around HUF 15 million. In smaller Hungarian townships, one can buy at least five properties for the same price.

In north and east Hungary, there is real estate for sale for less than HUF 3 million. These rural properties usually need to be renovated; water and electricity supplies are already sorted, but the gas and drainage system issue is the potential buyer’s responsibility.

The countryside can also have some expensive offers. In Nógrád county there is a HUF 200 million 170 square metre property that lies on a six-hectare garden and incudes a stable, a wine cellar, and a terrace jacuzzi. In the HUF 100 million and above price range, there are about 400 pieces of real estate for sale in the capital, and 150 elsewhere in the country.

According to the Home Map, after Pest county, the second most expensive property prices are in Somogy county, where the differences are huge. Near to Lake Balaton, close to Siófok, the average price per square metre is HUF 184 000 and there are almost 500 properties currently on the market. This brings the average price up, as some of the cheapest (HUF 49 000 per square metre) properties are also in Somogy county.

The third most expensive county is Hajdú-Bihar, where Debrecen’s square metre prices and the 800 properties on its market bring the average price up.

Vas, Zala, Veszprém, Fejér, and Csongrád counties are in the price range of HUF120–140 000 per square metre, which means HUF 7–8 million for a 60 square metre flat.

The cheapest properties are in Borsod, Nógrád, and Békés, where the average prices are below HUF 90 000.

Source: ORIGO

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