Now On: Hello Wood Christmas Installation, Palace Of Arts Budapest

  • 27 Dec 2013 8:00 AM
Now On: Hello Wood Christmas Installation, Palace Of Arts Budapest
The Palace of Arts is celebrating Christmas this year with an 11-metre-tall Christmas tree built from 365 sleds. The Palace of Arts sees promoting innovation is a key part of its mission. The installation projects connected to its seasonal programmes are a central element of this in allowing young artists and designers to put themselves forward in this prestigious venue.

This particular installation is also a gift that keeps on giving: Thanks to Magyar Telekom, the sleds will be donated to the residents of SOS Children's Villages after 6 January, making them a late Christmas present that is sure to bring joy to the everyday lives of these deserving children well into the new year.

Hello Wood

Hello Wood is an international art programme. The organisation's best known initiatives are its week-long summer art camps, where known and respected experts and artists share their skills with talented youngsters. The artworks created in these camps always have two things in common: they must be made predominantly of wood and combine some element of social responsibility with the fusion of artistic disciplines.

For members of Hello Wood, it is important that the design process always takes into account the afterlife of the work with respect to social sensitivity and responsibility. It was therefore a conscious decision to construct the installation from sleds, and a central feature of the design concept that the building blocks should fulfill their original function once the Christmas tree is dismantled.

Magyar Telekom

As an outstanding supporter of Hungarian culture and public life in recent decades, Magyar Telekom is proud to be associated with events, performers, institutions and productions that represent the pinnacle of their genre. This strategy dovetails perfectly with this joint project by the Palace of Arts and Hello Wood to construct a Christmas tree from sleds, an initiative that is an excellent example of innovative thinking and social responsibility.

SOS Children's Villages Hungary

The SOS Children's Villages were established to provide a loving home for children forced to live apart from their parents by birth. Their aim is to help these children grow up in an atmosphere of love and respect, allowing them to blossom into healthy and happy adults. The work of the SOS Children's Villages is founded on four fundamental principles. All children need loving parents; so it is best if they grow up with their siblings in a secure family setting within the supportive community of the children's villages.

On display until 6 January

Source: Palace of Arts
Address: 1095 Budapest, Komor Marcell utca 10

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