Hospitals To Pay Billions To Protect Patient Data

  • 16 Apr 2014 9:00 AM
Hospitals To Pay Billions To Protect Patient Data
Hungarian hospitals are facing serious security issues as Microsoft stopped tech support for Windows XP in the middle of April. Only two options are left; they either spend billions of forints on the transition to another operating system or risk the confidential data of their patients.

Approximately more than 90% of 30.000 PCs run on Windows XP in health care facilities around Hungary. As Microsoft stopped tech support, the new threats caused by hackers will not be diminished anymore by the ethical hackers of the company. This means that PCs running on Windows XP OS are in serious risk of data theft.

Transition to new operating system is not the only issue for Hungarian hospitals. The majority of the technological background is out of date and not ready for the new operating system. As a result hospitals are facing an investment of hundreds of millions in HUF.

Microsoft Hungary have already started negotiating with National Institute for Quality - and Organizational Development in Health Care and Medicins (GYEMSZI) in order to find an appropriate solution for the issue.

Source: ORIGO

Words by Christian Keszthelyi for

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