Introducing Ankert Ruin Pub In Budapest

  • 27 Jun 2014 9:00 AM
Introducing Ankert Ruin Pub In Budapest
Ruin Pubs, known as “rom kocsma” in Hungarian, can be found in many different districts of Budapest. With temperatures rising at this time of year, these open air bars make summer nights feel more special. Usually located in ruined or abandoned buildings across the city, there are a lot of options, so which one to visit? Szimpla Kert and Instant are the two best known pubs in Budapest but Ankert is really growing in popularity.

Open since mid-2012, Ankert is one of the newer Ruin Pubs in town, and lately it has been getting livelier by the night. Ankert is located just across from the Opera House in downtwon Budapest, on Paulay ede u. 33.

At the entrance a huge door can be found with the letter “A” above it symbolizing the bars name and to welcome visitors inside. Upon entering the entrance is the main section of the bar which happens to be in an abandoned courtyard of the building.

A huge spacious area with a huge number of tables means that finding a place to sit will not be a problem. The top of the courtyard is open to the night air which helps cool down the area making it an ideal place to be on a warm summer night.

The courtyard is designed simply with the old walls, some LED lamps to light up the mood, and very little else. The main bar is located in the courtyard which stretches from the entrance towards the room in the inside part of the building.

The room inside hosts both a bar and its own kitchen. Inside is more relaxed then its outer counterpart, allowing visitors to enjoy quieter atmosphere with its comfortable couches and delicious hamburgers. Some might feel however, that it is a little too dark and there is not enough light.

Ankert also hosts its own events with different DJs performing live almost every day throughout the summer. Although the dance floor itself is not that big, it is spacious enough to host parties. Of course, the World Cup games are being televised live at the moment.

Ankert is building up and earning its reputation in an abandoned building, packed with lively people, is a cool place to visit on summer nights in Budapest.

Words by Rahmi Umut Küçüktetik

Proofread by Paul St. Pierre

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