15 Billion HUF For Budapest Baths Development

  • 10 Oct 2014 9:00 AM
15 Billion HUF For Budapest Baths Development
Over the next five years the Budapest Spas Plc. (BGYH Zrt.) will provide almost 15 billion HUF for the renewal, modernization and enlargement of its baths. This amount would cover the refurbishment of Gellért Bath, Dagály, Palatinus, Paskál and Pesterzsébeti beaches as well, said Mayor István Tarlós during the press conference on the development plans of BGYH Zrt.

A significant change of attitude had taken place in the management of BGYH Zrt. over the last four years. The healing and thermal baths of Budapest had altogether accumulated 500-900 million HUF deficit before 2010, contrarily, this year’s expected profit will exceed 400 million HUF. Now the baths have the money to even think of developments, which they will be able to cover mostly from their own sources, said István Tarlós.

The largest development will be the 3.5 billion HUF development project of Dagály beach, to be realized after 2016. For this one the state will provide sources as well, noted István Tarlós. He also added that the Csillaghegyi beach is now looking forward to a 1.5 billion HUF development, furthermore, Paskál and Pesterzsébeti beaches will also be modernized. He added, the company will introduce a new entry system among all its facilities, the project costs will reach approximately 300 400 million HUF.

Source: Budapest.hu

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