Azerbaijan Tourism Days In Hungary, 21 - 22 November

  • 28 Oct 2014 8:00 AM
Azerbaijan Tourism Days In Hungary,  21 - 22 November
Azerbaijani-Hungarian Youth Union (AHYU) is proud to announce that it organizes the event ‘Azerbaijan Tourism Days in Hungary’. It will be held in Budapest in November 21-22, 2014.

AHYU hosts this event and invites participants from Azerbaijan, Hungary, Ukraine, Austria, Poland and Lithuania. The participants will be accommodated at Mercure Budapest Duna Hotel (Soroksári út 12, Budapest, 1095, Hungary). The event is organized by financial support of Azerbaijani Youth Foundation and organizational support of the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Hungary.

There is not enough information about touristic resources, resort zones and travel opportunities of Azerbaijan, therefore AHYU decided to organize this event. This will be a great chance to introduce our country’s touristic places, luxury resorts, natural beauties and other attractions. Budapest is the center of the Eastern Europe, therefore we are happy to organize this event in the capital of Hungary.


Azerbaijanis living in Hungary and neighbor countries, as well as Hungarians and foreigners will be invited to this event. The foreign guests will get information about the historical parts, touristic places of Azerbaijan which includes beaches, hotels, mountain resorts and other touristic places of Azerbaijan. Besides presenting tourism of Azerbaijan to the foreigners, this event will connect the young members of Azerbaijani organizations in different countries and it will also affect positively the activities of Azerbaijani diaspora in different countries bringing them together being also a networking event.

Officials from both Azerbaijani and Hungarian side will also be invited to this event. Mr. Vilayat Guliyev, Ambassador of Azerbaijan Republic in Hungary and Mr. Márton Gyöngyösi, Member of the National Assembly of Hungary and Chairman of the Hungarian-Azerbaijani Friendship Group of the Inter-parliamentary Union will open the event in the Office of the National Assembly (Parliament) in November 21, 2014. Information about importance of tourism, Azerbaijani hospitality, upcoming Baku-2015 the 1st European Games, easy e-visa system of Azerbaijan will be presented by experts on the first day.

Participants will be taken to the Embassy of Azerbaijan Republic in Hungary on the second day of the event and embassy staff will explain visa process and organize tour within embassy for the foreigners. Foreigners who have already been to Azerbaijan will share their experiences with other foreigners and tell their stories and recommendations regarding traveling to Azerbaijan. We also organize sightseeing tour in Budapest after event finishes.

How to participate

Age group: 16-29;

Working language: English (fluency is required);

Target countries: Austria, Azerbaijan, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland, Ukraine;

AHYU will select the participants based on their application forms and CVs. Preference will be given to the applicants with the following background:

- education in tourism;

- work experience in tourism;

- social active background in their countries;

- NGO activists and leaders;

- travel bloggers;

- journalist.

Application deadline: November 3, 2014.

Participation costs

Participation fee: There is no participation fee for this event.
Accommodation: Organizers will provide accommodation in Mercure Budapest Duna Hotel (Soroksári út 12, Budapest, 1095, Hungary) for November 21 and 22. Participants will have to pay for additional nights if they arrive earlier or depart later.
Board: Full board for the first day and half-board for the second day of the event will be provided by organizers.
Travel: AHYU will reimburse ticket costs of participants who travel to Hungary from abroad. Participants are free to choose their mains of transportation, but there are limits of travel reimbursement costs for each country: Azerbaijan – EUR 350, Austria – EUR 30, Lithuania – EUR 100, Poland – EUR 100, Ukraine – EUR 200.

Downloadable files

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