Mol Bubi Already Used A Hundred Thousand Times In Budapest

  • 7 Oct 2014 9:00 AM
Mol Bubi Already Used A Hundred Thousand Times In Budapest
Mol Bubi, the public bike-sharing system has already been hired more than one hundred thousand times. This many times have the green bicycles been used since September 8th, the launching of the public bike-sharing system, which was part of the mayoral program of István Tarlós.

Mol Bubi enjoys undiminished popularity: newest data shows that when there is good weather, the number of hiring exceeds even five thousand, however even during the rainy days the public bike-sharing system registers hiring more than three thousand times. Henceforward, lot of people seize the opportunity for hiring several bikes from the docking stations with one registration, and the average time of use for a single a bike is around 18 minutes.

The investment of the public bike sharing system realized on behalf of the Municipality of Budapest by BKK, is now clearly showing us the most popular and most frequently used docking stations: the Városháza park, Kálvin tér, Fővám tér and Szent Gellért tér shall continue to be among the first, however the stations at Nyugati tér and Boráros tér are getting more and more popular.

A video on the proper use of the green bicycles has been uploaded to the website of Mol Bubi; and the Facebook page of the bike-sharing system provides users with useful tips and information day by day.


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