Orchids & Bromeliads, Vajdahunyad Castle Budapest, 14 – 16 November

  • 13 Nov 2014 11:55 AM
Orchids & Bromeliads, Vajdahunyad Castle Budapest, 14 – 16 November
CATTLEYA, the Queen of the orchids - in Vajdahunyadvár on the fall exhibition of Hungarian Orchid Society held 14-16 November 2014. This fall as usual the exhibition of Orchids and Bromeliads will be organized by Hungarian Orchid Society (HOS) in the Museum of Agriculture in Vajdahunyadvár.

During this event HOS presents CATTLEYA, one of the most beautiful, during the 200 years history of orchids the mostly wanted, admired and beloved family of orchids.

Who had ever seen even once this marvelous flower would never ever forget it for sure. Cattleya represents each orchid for its fans.

Their history dates back to the first decade of the 19th century, when after an odyssey the first sample of this orchid arrived to Europe. This plant originates from South America and arrived to England as a green packaging material of other kind of orchids. William Cattley – famous collector of that age – took notice of the plants with roots turned up out of boxes.

He had planted one of them, this blossomed and immediately conquered with its own flower the wide range of gardeners, botanists and orchid-fond aristocrats and started a never seen before type of orchid fever all over Europe.

This miracle plant was named after William Cattley by the botanist John Lindley. Since that the wonderful, purplish pink, big and fragrant orchid is known as Cattleya labiata all over the world. From now and on each orchid hunter was searching for Cattleya in the rain forests of South Americas.

Later series of freighters arrived to the ports of London and Amsterdam full of Cattleyas. Botanists had found almost daily new, till unknown species and published their botanic descriptions therefore the world could get acquainted with the newer and newer kinds of Cattleya.

This was the golden age of orchids – including Cattleyas. Technical development of 20th century brought the development of the hybridization techniques, so from the 50’s more and more Cattleya hybrid became available for the fanatics.

Nowadays it is not possible even to estimate the number of hybrids. It’s good to know for orchid lovers that these plants are suitable to keep them indoors.

In the autumn Orchid and Bromeliad exhibition of Hungarian Orchid Society this amazing flowers could be seen amongst of many other kind of orchids as well as all necessary to maintain Cattleyas in the flat information can be obtained. There will be a fair as well, so number of beloved plants can be enlarged from the offer of domestic and foreign horticultural traders.

Date: 14-16 November, 2014
Open: 10:00 am -6:00 pm
Venue: Museum of Agriculture (Magyar Mezőgazdasági Múzeum), Vajdahunyadvár, Városliget

Ticket price:
Adult: 1.600 HUF
Discount: 1.200 HUF (for age 6-18 years, above 62 years and groups announced in advance and bigger than 15 people.
Phone: +36306989755)

Family: 4.400 HUF (Two adults, 2-3 children up to age of 18 years)

For more information visit  www.orchideatarsasag.hu or  www.orchideakiallitas.hu

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