Vodafone Red Birthday Presents The ’Real Dream Exhibition’ In Budapest

  • 18 Nov 2014 8:00 AM
Vodafone Red Birthday Presents The ’Real Dream Exhibition’ In Budapest
With Christmas approaching, we are increasingly wondering what kind of presents our beloved ones would welcome most. During the summer, Vodafone, which has just turned 15 years of age this year, greeted thousands of customers on their birthdays, and asked them what kinds of presents they would welcome most.

It clearly transpired from the responses that every 50th respondent would like a really unique present. 2 out of every 100 wishes are linked to animals, a third of respondents would prefer mobile devices, and one tenth longs for high-value presents, including even real estate. Many would also welcome some kind of unique and interesting greeting.

Vodafone actually fulfilled several hundreds of the birthday wishes and dreams received. We had someone who flew with balloons on their birthday, while someone else could take a ride in a Ferrari with Norbert Michelisz, or take a parachute jump. We had a customer who would have liked to participate in a professional photography session with Pál Nánási, and someone who requested and received fashion tips from Márk Lakatos’s involvement.

We even had a customer for whom we organised a birthday party in the spirit of endless care deserved by Read customers – explained Péter Baráth, Brand Director at Vodafone.

As he explained: ‘We will, of course, continue to greet Red customers on their birthdays, but the many thousands of responses we have received so far have given us a real opportunity to understand what it is that people really want; whether they are materialistic or emotional, longing for objects of experiences instead.

Our results showed that 80% of respondents asked for objects, while 20% preferred some kind of experience, such as overcoming vertigo, playing with tiger cubs, having a coffee and pizza in Rome with Pope Francis, or ‘just’ listening to being greeted in the subway near the Western Railway Station.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, out of the most materialistic respondents many would have liked new mobile phones, tablets or even laptops, but there was also someone who wanted a goat for milking, while others longed to travel. Travel destinations varied by a wide margin from Lake Balaton to Bhutan or French Polynesia.

We have managed to fulfil many wishes, but, of course, not all.

There were some unrealisable dreams and ones that were translated into visual language expressed in pictures and video recordings by young artists, graphic designers and musicians, such as Noémi Mondik, paint artist, Dániel Merényi (Graphite Man), Nikon One graffiti and street art painter, Olivér Csepella graphic designer and TheShowCrew new wave music formation – hopefully to everyone’s satisfaction.

You may view these pieces of art, including penguins walking around Heroes’ Square with cameras around their necks, ‘Peace to the Whole World’ – the birthday handshake of Gábor and Michael Jordan, or how Beáta won the ‘Iron Man’ title in 2015, at the ‘Real Dream Exhibition’, from November 17 till midnight on November 20, on Erzsébet Square, Budapest, in the Design Terminal Pavilion.

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