Budapest’s Top 10 Gastro Pubs

  • 5 Feb 2015 10:55 AM
Budapest’s Top 10 Gastro Pubs
Budapest Dining Guide staff has once again gone on a mission to find the best places to eat in town, only this time, their focus was (taking a heavy cue from British tradition) on finding the best gastropubs. The restaurant guide picked the top 10 hot-spots, which all have two things in common: great food and beers to match.

1. Fekete Kutya (Black Dog)

This cosy artsy pub with no frills is situated in the lively Dob utca, right next to the trendy Meter bar, and despite its busy location with many new bars opening in the neighbourhood, it always attracts a good crowd. The pub offers a relaxing setting that makes both diners and drinkers feel at home with a wide selection of some legendary Czech beers on tap and a dizzying array of bottled Hungarian craft beers (choose Hammurapi). Fekete Kutya’s original menu shows off various traditional homemade tapas and sandwich options, using the freshest sheep and goat’s cheese straight from the farm. The ultimate favourite is the Hungarian parasztdekli with fried onion and fatty liver.

2. Kandallo Pub (Fireplace Pub)

Located in downtown Kertész utca, the place defines itself as an artisanal craft pub, putting the emphasis on its carefully prepared hamburgers and on its unique selection of delicious Hungarian craft beers with something new always on the menu. Try Pyromania, Róth Zoltán’s smoky brown ale. The kitchen also serves homemade pâté and freshly grilled goat’s cheese.

3. Egykettő (One-Two)

Situated in the beautiful Ybl Palace with a stunning courtyard, this bar stands out among its rivals for location alone, but also for its slightly different menu. Egykettő mainly specialises in local wine, but there is also a good selection of Hungarian craft beers from breweries such as the Fóti, the Bandusz, the Kapucinus, and the Legenda. The menu follows a Hungarian line and offers traditional dishes like the beloved csirkepaprikás (chicken paprika) and goulash.

4. Spíler

Located in the heart of the busy Gozsdu udvar, Spíler is undoubtedly a favourite place to be among locals and visitors. The pub offers a wide variety of high quality beer, wine, and cocktails, and some delicious street food choices like kenyérlángos (bread scone) and grills; all that in friendly atmosphere. Spíler defines itself as a ruin pub 2.0 with the combination of laid-back style, fresh interior design, and high-quality cuisine.

5. Pirítós (Toast)

Pirítós is a popular artsy bar located in Kazinczy utca. It showcases a warm interior with huge glass windows, a gallery, and a pleasant terrace area. Staying true to its name, the menu offers a variety of delicious toasts and tapas, alongside with some excellent beers from well-known breweries such as the Kaltenecker.

6. Bölcső Bár (Cradle Bar)

A ray of hope of the Buda side, situated in Lágymányosi utca, Bölcső Bár stands proud with its green interior and antique furniture. It serves Hungarian and Czech craft beers both bottled and on tap; and treats the hungry with tasty hamburgers and weekly lunch menus. The crowd consists of many regulars, especially during Champions League time.

7. Szimpla (Simple)

As Budapest’s first ruin bar, this place is definitely worth a visit. Szimpla is also a gem on the beer scene in town offering six different craft beers on tap and at least ten bottled. The menu provides modern sandwich delicacies like tramezzini and piadina, a variety of ham and cheese plates, and some filling burgers. Due to the pub’s quirky and unique décor, it’s often referred to as one of the best attractions in the city.

8. Léhűtő (Loafer)

This relatively new spot located in downtown Holló utca calls itself a craft beer bar for a good reason: it offers six types of craft beers on tap and about thirty types of bottled beers, both Hungarian and imports. The only reason Léhűtő didn’t make it to first place is because of its modest food fare, but ambitious plans include gourmet sausages in the future.

9. Semmi Extra (Nothing Special)

Semmi Extra opened last year in Buda at the site of the former Bartók cinema. Some of the characteristics of the bar are its spacious rooms that are further enlarged by the huge mirrors downstairs, the open kitchen, and the use of cinema chairs. The burgers are homemade; sometimes the bun is too dry or too powdery. Everyone swears that the duck burger is the best.

10. Cactus Juice

Cactus Juice has been a stable point of Jókai tér for over 15 years now. A different trend has started to emerge when the place began to organise dining nights together with the Folyékony Kenyér (Liquid Bread) blog. Accordingly, the bar now has a wide selection of Hungarian craft beers; and besides the mandatory hamburgers, the menu offers quesadillas, tortillas, and several grilled dishes.


Source: Dining Guide

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