Aggtelek National Park Turns 30, & Also Celebrates 20 Years As A World Heritage Site

  • 20 Apr 2015 9:02 AM
Aggtelek National Park Turns 30, & Also Celebrates 20 Years As A World Heritage Site
A variety of promotions and events are being held this year to commemorate these milestones, including: <br><br> * 20% off adult ticket prices on all daily cave tours on the 20th of every month<br> * XVII. Szilvásvárad-Aggtelek Bike Tour on May 23rd between the Bükk and Aggtelek National Parks

Aggtelek National Park (ANP) was established in 1985 to protect the uniquely rich natural and cultural heritage in the region, and in particular the Gömör-Torna karst aquifer and geologic formations.

The first of Hungary's national parks, it consequently years added equestrian tourism and environmental education programmes to its already popular cave tours and surface tours. In 2007, the ANP Directorate became for responsible for the Zemplén Nature Reserve and the Tokaj-Bodrogzug Nature Reserve as well. In 2015, Aggtelek National Park celebrates its 30th birthday.

The karst cavern systems of Aggtelek in Hungary, and across the border in Slovakia were awarded UNESCO World Heritage status in 1995. Until 1995, only two of the many amazing caves around the world were listed as World Heritage sites - the Mammoth Cave (Kentucky, USA), the world's largest network of natural caves at 570 km; and the Skocjani Cave (Slovenia), home of the world's longest underground riverbed.

The geographically connected Aggtelek and Slovak karst consists of 1200 known caves, of which 280 open on the Hungarian side. Daily and special adventure tours (advanced booking only) are led through 5 ANP caves: in addition to the showcase Baradla, the Rákóczi, Imre Vass, Meteor and Kossuth. The current area of the national park covers about 20,700 hectares.

Other events this year include the VII. Annual Jósvafő International Hucul Horse Races and IV. Annual International Farrier Competition, Firefly Tour, Orchid Tour, Rutting Deer Tour, Nature Photography Tour, Baradla Chamber Choir Festival, Dark Park Star-Gazing Tour, Saint George Day Horse Roundup, Day of Birds and Trees: Bird Songs along Forest Paths, Butterfly Watching Tour, Hot Summer Night Sunset Tours...

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