Pálinka Festival In Budapest's Városháza Park

  • 7 May 2015 11:02 AM
Pálinka Festival In Budapest's Városháza Park
The Annual Pálinka Festival in Budapest is getting ready for visitors with a larger venue, a bigger variety of exhibitors, of course lots of different spirits, and what's more: free entry! Apple plays the starring role between 7-10 May, where you'll have the chance to taste a full range of the best apple pálinkas in the country for the first time ever. Several apple related food and beverage specialties will also be available to accompany the fine spirits too.

Event organisers say:
Join us in the warm sunlight of Spring and enjoy jazz concerts, street musicians swinging away and have some fun.
The festival and the concerts are free of charge.


Thursday 7 May:

4.00 pm. Szeder
5.30 pm. Járai Márk (Halott Pénz)
7.00 pm. Dj Venom (Halott Pénz)
10.00 pm. Petruska András & Temesvári Bence Duo
00.00 Hangácsi Márton

Friday 8 May:

4.00 pm. Wonky Swing Trio
5.30 pm. Stahl Barbi & Havai Gábor Duó
7.00 pm. Dj Q-Cee (random Trip)
10.00 pm. Edi & Kolos Duó
00.00 pm. Zanzinger

Saturday 9 May:

4.00 pm. Infusion Trió
5.30 pm. Schlobocher Barbara & Jancsó Gábor Duó
7.00 pm. Dj Ordiman
10.00 pm. Lamm Dávid & Magyar Bori Duó
00.00 pm. Hangácsi Márton

Sunday 10 May:

4.00 pm. Antonia Vai
5.30 pm. Takács Eszter Band
7.00 pm. Dj Gozth (Hősök)

We reserve the right to change the program.


Opening hours:

Thursday: 2 pm – 12 am
Friday: 2 pm – 2 am
Saturday: 12 pm – 2 am
Sunday: 12 pm – 10 pm

Persons attending the festival may be filmed or recorded as part of the audience. Any visitor that appears on these recordings can only be identified by name with their direct consent. Visitors that were filmed cannot make any claims whatsoever. Unauthorized audio/video recording at the Festival is strictly prohibited. Photography is allowed. No sales or advertising of food or services will be allowed anywhere on the grounds unless authorized by the festival.

Programme is subject to change.

Children under 14 may enter only with an adult. Visitors under 18 will not receive a glass.

Pálinka (brandy) Exhibitors: 895 Hunnium, Agárdi Pálinkafőzde, Az Év Almapálinkája, Bestillo Pálinkaház, Békési Pálinkaház,  Birkás Pálinka, Bolyhos Pálinkák, Brill Pálinkaház, Buti Pálinka, Cornus Pálinkaház, Cruxx, Csalló Pálinka Manufaktúra, Keve Manufaktúra, Márton és Lányai Mikolci Likőrgyár Zrt. - Prekop Pálinkamanufaktúra, Nobilis, Palotás Pálinkaház,  Pálinkashop, Panyolai Pálinkák, Rézangya, Schiszler Pálinka, Spiritus Primus, Ördögi, Tarpa Manufaktúra, Tokaj Spirit, United Brands,  Villányi Pálinka, Zimek Pálinka Manufaktúr, Zugfőzde Pálinkamúzeum

Other exhibitors: Aqua Bistro, Caffee Cagliari, Császári Morzsa, Csöppentő, Fröccsös, DiVino, XXL Catering - Országkonyha, Hachapuri Grúz Étterem, Kolbice, Nagykőrösi Sajtok, Mangalica és Társai, Pálinkás Sütemények Háza, Twist & Chips, Vitéz Kürtös, Zsíroskenyérpont

Source: palinkafesztival.hu

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