Amendment Ensures Increased Support For Crime Victims

  • 7 Oct 2015 9:00 AM
Amendment Ensures Increased Support For Crime Victims
Parliament passed a law amendment aimed at expanding the rights of crime victims and ensuring increased support for them during criminal proceedings. Under the new law, the victim is entitled to more information in the course of proceedings, for example via written communication or electronic messages. It also expands the circle of family members, including brothers and sisters, who can represent a victim during the proceedings.

The law ensures the victim the right to initiate a hearing in a closed court session for personal protection and allows a victim the option to request absence of the defendant during the hearing.

The legislation allows in a sexual abuse case the option that the victim is heard by a same gender judge. It also ensures that, if so required or requested, a sign interpreter should assist the court hearing free of charge.

The amendment, initiated by the justice minister with the aim of incorporating the EU directive on victim support to the national legislation, was passed unanimously with the 161 votes of lawmakers present in the chamber.

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