It’s Hacktivity In Budapest In A Few Days’ Time

  • 8 Oct 2015 9:00 AM
It’s Hacktivity In Budapest In A Few Days’ Time
Just a few more days to go and the independent IT Festival of Central and Eastern Europe will open its doors, offering you presentations, workshops as well as casual programmes, more games and a new section. The heavyweights of ethical hacking will gather for the twelfth time at Hacktivity. It’s just a few days to go until the start of the two-day hacker festival.

This year’s keynote speaker is Felix Lindner whose presentation is meant to be a surprise. He will give the audience a single hacker's points of view. Maybe that is something to start from when responding to what’s happening in the world around us.

The OWASP speakers will be here too, giving presentations as well as workshops for visitors. The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) is an open, independent, non-profit international organization aiming to promote security awareness in software and application development. Some of their presentations will be a surprise but we already know that at the workshops on Saturday the future of AppSec will be the topic of a roundtable discussion.

The presentation of Márk Vinkovits will give participants a hands-on experience of doing threat modeling. He will show how to do threat modeling by playing cards. Attila Mészáros will focus on the area of testing. He will tell us what angle is formed by functional and security testing. Soon we will realize that these fields are not completely parallel to each other.

This year you can choose from three games at the conference, setting challenges at different levels of knowledge for valuable prizes. You can prove your skills in the key fields of IT security, try testing an educational platform full of relevant tasks or save the world masked as hackers.

Children who are under 18 can visit the festival free of charge and will also find plenty to do. In addition to Saturday’s Kids’ Corner, introduced last year, Logiscool will also have their stand at Hacktivity, bringing a programmable Lego robot for older kinds and offering special courses: under the supervision of a certified trainer smaller children can design their first ever computer game.

If we are talking education we must mention digital maturity and IT training. For five years the exclusive Diamond Sponsor of the conference has been the Cyber Security Team of Deloitte, the leading IT security company in the region. Their support underlines the efforts of the Hacktivity organizers to bring together the most renowned specialists at this outstanding event in the region whether they are grand old men with decades of expertise or young talents just leaving university.

Thanks to Deloitte’s initiative, the representatives of the IT security industry will take part in a roundtable discussion to analyze the present situation of IT training and the future challenges, in particular the training of IT security experts.

The discussion will focus on various actions and directions. Taking the renewal plan of the ICT Association of Hungary as their starting point, the experts will discuss digital illiteracy and the current situation of IT security training, with Iván Bedő (HVG magazine) acting as moderator.

This year the party will move to Instant. Participants will be driven to the venue in a bus and will receive a welcome shot as a gift to get ready for the night. Dance music will be provided by SOMA NÓVÉ, frontman of The Middlemist Red.

In a few days the two-day hacker festival is about to begin. The whole programme is now available on our website – feel free to browse the presentations and workshops. You can purchase your ticket here until midnight, October 6. If you want to have comfortable access to the festival get your ticket in these last few days. After October 6 tickets will only be for sale at the conference venue.

At the Festival experts with IT security certifications (CISA, CISM, CISSP) can collect CPE points for their licence.

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