Secret Police Film Festival, Budapest, 25 November

  • 24 Nov 2015 8:00 AM
Secret Police Film Festival, Budapest, 25 November
In connection to the 'Watching You, Watching Me' exhibition at Galeria Centralis The Blinken Open Society Archives presents: Secret Police Film Festival 5/6 on 25 November 2015 at 6.30 pm. Theme: The Stasi. What were they seeing while watching?

West-Berlin Filmed by a Stasi Movie Camera (training film)
This film is exclusively composed of images of important sights and streets in West-Berlin, filmed by Stasi employees’ Super8 mm camera. It perhaps was used to train DDR agents before their deployment in West Berlin.
DDR, German with English subtitles, 1970, 89 min, 5 min excerpt

Surveillance of the Border Zone at Berlin-Kreuzberg (operative film)
This film shows both East and West German civilians moving around in the border zone fence and checkpoint.
DDR, 1962, 11 min, 5 min excerpt (music added by OSA)

Surveillance of a West-German Citizen in Flemmingen in Nauburg (operative film)
As the microphones of the VHS cameras used for surveillance were not switched off, the comments and conversations between the two Stasi agents were accidentally recorded thus leaving a unique source of information about what the observers were thinking about their subjects.
DDR, German with English subtitles, 1989, 13 min, 5 min excerpt

I Love You All / Aus Liebe Zum Volk
Relieved of his duties and purpose with the closing of the Stasi in 1990, "Mr B." delivers an account of twenty years of his life within the organization, supported by never-before-seen Stasi archive footage.
dir. Eyal Sivan, Germany & France, German with English subtitles, 2004, 88min

Next screening: 2 December 2015. 6.30 PM

The retrospective film program includes an international selection of training films, newsreels and operative films produced by Communist Secret Police 1962-1989. The program explores how the secret police imagined and managed their surveillance activities and what they were actually seeing while watching. Also in the program are creative documentary films composed of and built around secret police surveillance films.

Curated by: András Mink, Ioana Macrea-Toma, Piotr Wcislik and Zsuzsanna Zádori @ OSA

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Free entrance. Seats available on a first come first served basis


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