WAMP Design Fair Budapest, Millenáris, 13 December

  • 10 Dec 2015 8:12 AM
WAMP Design Fair Budapest, Millenáris, 13 December
At 13 December WAMP will kick off again at Millenáris in Buda. This time the most popular design fair of Budapest is waiting for you with a record number of exhibitors, with nearly 250 designers. In this newsletter we collected the brands and designers which you cannot miss at this Sunday.

Let’s start it with some present ideas specifically for Christmas. The brand Iftiin will showcase a special cardboard Christmas tree, which can be attached to different surfaces and looks very pretty when it is lit up.

It is environmental friendly, fits into a small box when stored, and lasts for a long time so its owner can enjoy it in the upcoming years too. You will certainly get the Christmas mood when you check out the stylish, pine tree decorated pillows of Lamoppe or the creative candleholders of DoLit which are designed in a modular system so you can also build bigger constructions out of the separate pieces.

Everyone needs a good calendar, and this is probably one of the most practical presents at the end of the year. Slow Budapest will bring a special calendar with stickers that will surely help you planning your next year in a more thoughtful and organized way. If you rather opt for wall calendars, your perfect choice is definitely Anaptár (The Calendar).

As in the previous years the 2016 edition is again very informative, it is suitable both for casual users and for hobby astronomers too. Talking about time, you should check out the clocks of Recyclock made of used bicycle components and the concrete clocks of MOHA design.

Surely everyone would be happy for the brand new product of Petite Planet: apart from the brand’s hallmark kokedamas this Sunday their special tiny “jungleball” called Air Plant will also be available. These cute bubbles contain the composition of the bromelia type tillandsia, some lichen and dried flowers, and they are not only pretty but do not even need a lot of time or watering.

The season’s top favourite present could be the limited edition of the golden note- and sketchbooks of Malinovka, or the brand’s interactive playbook, the Unfinished Playbook of Love, which is the perfect gift for couples.

The cold winter nights can get real cozy with a nice hot drink, especially if you serve it in a Moringa cup which changes its pattern with the heat. If you would treat yourself or your guests with a real special tea, check out Luis tea collection, who will offer a wide collection of delicious unique teas. The chocolate expert Tibor Szántó is wowed not only by chocolate fans.

This year the brand will also bring premade Christmas gift packs which will center on Madagascar, cranberries, orange and almond. Sugar-free versions will of course also be available.

Obviously no one leaves WAMP with empty hands, but this time you too will have the chance to give something. Kiscelli Museum is going to kick off a temporary exhibition in spring 2016 about Széll Kálmán square (previously Moszkva square), the square which city dwellers turned into an iconic spot of the town.

WAMP visitors can take part in the pre-research of the project at all Christmas WAMPs: share your thoughts on what the square means to you, or bring something that represents “moszkva” to you.

13 December 2015 10 am - 6 pm
Millenáris Hall B, 1024 Budapest, Kis Rókus u. 16-20
Entry is 500 HUF which can be used as a voucher

More information at: www.wamp.hu

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