Tesco Hungary: Central Europe - The Region Of The Generous

  • 18 Jan 2016 7:50 AM
Tesco Hungary: Central Europe - The Region Of The  Generous
In 2015, as in previous years, Tesco customers across Central Europe showed great kindness: 419 tonnes of food have been donated to the food bank collections hosted in the stores in Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia. Tesco has been organising these annual collections in partnership with food banks and their selfless volunteers have been helping them to feed people for several years.

Following the last year’s collection Tesco offered an additional 20% donation, thus providing, with the help of its customers, an invaluable support and non-perishable food for the food banks, enough for 1,046,088 meals.

Tesco's food collection with the Hungarian Food Bank Association was held from the 27th to the 29th of November. In three days, customers donated non-perishable food products worth 65 million HUF in 156 stores, which could serve 381,888 meals.

“This incredible effort shows how every little help can add up to make a big difference for those in need. The joint campaign of our 547 stores across Central Europe and our customers in the region raised food donation enough for more than 1 million meals. The fantastic result shows what we can achieve together. I am proud of and grateful to our customers and colleagues as well as the food banks’ volunteers” – added David Morris, Tesco Europe CEO.

Balázs Cseh, Chairman of the Hungarian Food Bank Association explained: “Our Christmas food collection campaign provides the experience of a lifetime both for charities and volunteers participating and people on the breadline who receive their support.

One never forgets the joy on the faces and the sparkle in the eyes when donations arrive. It is just as joyful to see a touch of humanity, the will to help in stores. We see these stories every day. A Food Bank volunteer is nearly moved to tears when she talks about the old lady who donated a sachet of vanilla sugar and baking powder each -  that was all she had, but she was willing to give it up for charity. Even the youngest know that Christmas is a time for giving.

A little boy approached one of the volunteers to ask whether they will speak to the man, lady or child who will receive the donation. As the answer was yes, he made them promise to say he sends his love to the recipients.”

However, Tesco does not only support the work of the region’s food banks during the Christmas season. Tesco has a long term commitment to tackle food waste and therefore donates non-marketable, but still consumable food products close to their expiry date to food banks on an ongoing basis.

Tesco took part at the recently hosted ‘FOOD WASTE 2015: From Theory to Practice’ conference in Prague where they declared an ambition for not a single bite of food that could be eaten should be wasted at Tesco. They will work with food banks towards this aim and have already made significant progress in supporting the donation of food left in stores but still being edible.

About TESCO-GLOBAL Áruházak Zrt.

In its 208 Hungarian stores, Tesco weekly serves an average of 3 million customers with fresh food products. Employing more than 20,000 workers, Tesco is one of the largest employers in the private sector. The company contributes 1% to the gross national product of Hungary.

Half of its 3,200 own label products are manufactured in Hungary, and nearly 80% of its suppliers — almost 1,100 businesses — are domestic. With its online grocery shopping service, small-scale stores and hypermarkets, Tesco brings affordable and high quality products closer to customers every day. The chain actively promotes the consuming healthy foods, supports efforts to minimize food waste and helps local communities.

More information: www.tesco.hu

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