International Building Trade Expo, Hungexpo, 6 - 10 April

  • 7 Apr 2016 9:00 AM
International Building Trade Expo, Hungexpo, 6 - 10 April
CONSTRUMA is the greatest assortment of the Hungarian construction industry/homemaking exhibitions and also the leading professional exhibition of the Central-Eastern European region in the field.

Over the recent years, the CONSTRUMA bunch has become a must-see forum. Thanks to continuous developments, by now it covers the entire spectrum of home building from purchasing the real estate through construction until to interior design. In 2016, the assortment will include the following subject fields:

35th International Building Trade Exhibition

The flagship of the assortment of exhibitions, the greatest Hungarian construction industry trade fair. Displaying its market-leading role for the 35th time in 2016. Considered the leading professional fair in the Central-Eastern European Region.

Energy efficiency - design - innovation

CONSTRUMA is the best location in Hungary to see the latest solutions and products in building industry, in renewable energies, in design and lanscaping. The accompanying events are also hosted with this in mind.

From construction materials to roofing

The most important themes of the CONSTRUMA exhibition include doors and windows, shading technology, gates, glass industry (FRONTAL), roofing, façade engineering, tinning industry (DACH-TECH), heat insulation, water and soundproofing (INTER-ISOLA), and construction materials.

There is also a growing interest in construction machines. The themes of lighting technology and building electricity (ELECTROLIGHT) are also increasing significantly year by year with the participation of a growing number of exhibitors. The latest trends and the most pressing issues of the subject will be presented by the experts of the field in the form of a standalone conference.

Reneo - 4th International Exhibition for Renewable Energies

The only Hungarian trade fair solely devoted to the subject of green energy. Apart from renewable energies, it also give place for the presentation of building engineering solutions and products. The exhibition will feature an increasing presence of the latest building automation systems to optimize costs. RENEO also provides a platform to present the related fields of urban management and infrastructural development. In 2016, the range of themes will be expanded to include water management and water treatment.

HOMEDesign - 5th Fair for Homemaking

A stable part of the CONSTRUMA exhibition bunch, the exhibition features everything from kitchen technology and bathrooms to living rooms and everything else necessary for creating a home interior. The success of the exhibition is indicated by the fact that its floor space has been increasing year by year, with the exhibition hosted in two separate pavilions by 2015. It will be in two pavilions this year as well, one of them will be KITCHEN SHOW, which presents kitchen technology and kitchen furniture with the latest technology and design.

Focus on: design and innovation

From the very beginning, the exhibition has been striving to present Hungarian design trends and high quality subject fields. A growing number of manufacturers and big brands have been presenting their latest developments at the HOMEDesign exhibition.

Construma Garden - 5th Horticulture and landscaping trade exhibition and fair

CONSTRUMA GARDEN is a vital part of CONSTRUMA, the greatest assortment of Hungarian construction industry and homemaking exhibitions. The major spring exposition of garden design, landscaping and garden culture is increasingly attractive. CONSTUMA GARDEN is the most frequented horticulture and landscaping exhibition in the country.

Opening time: 6-10 April 2016

Professional days: 6-8 April 2016 9.00 - 18.00

Public days:
9 April 2016 9.00 - 18.00
10 April 2016 9.00 - 17.00

Entrance: : I., II., III. gate

Venue: HUngexpo
Address: Budapest, 10th district, Albertirsai út 10.


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