The Tiger Lillies, A38 Ship Budapest, 12 May

  • 4 Apr 2016 9:01 AM
The Tiger Lillies, A38 Ship Budapest, 12 May
The comedians of hell, the singing birds of the cemetaries, the poets of horehouses, the geniouses of a world presented in a form of circus thet is irrresistable: a band you can't mix up with anything else, that brings theatre, comedy, and first of all fantastic music, that will revive you.

The Tiger Lillies are a three-piece band, formed in 1989 by singer-songwriter Martyn Jacques and based in London.
Currently Martyn Jacques, Adrian Stout, Mike Pickering.

Their surreal style has been described as dark, darkly humorous, strangely humorous, Brechtian, and gypsy cabaret. They are also notorious for singing controversial songs involving bestiality, prostitution and blasphemy.

The Tiger Lillies were originally buskers, playing songs about the criminals, pimps and whores of Soho, London, England. Over time, the band became involved in several theatrical productions around the world, including the critically acclaimed Shockheaded Peter. Known for their intense, outlandish, and dark performances, they have garnered both controversy and critical acclaim.

Advance ticket price till 11 May 2016: HUF 3.500.

Ticket price: HUF 3.900.

Source: A38 Ship

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