Hungary's Birthday Cake For 2016 Announced: Green Gold Of Őrség

  • 5 Aug 2016 9:02 AM
Hungary's Birthday Cake For 2016 Announced: Green Gold Of Őrség
In recent years a special cake to celebrate the country's foundation is always prepared in Hungary. The National Guild of Hungarian Confectioners selects the best recipe submitted by confectioners from all over the country. This year the jury voted the Green Gold of Őrség by Gellért Szó, G&D Cake Shop from Salgótarján, to be Hungary’s Birthday cake of 2016.

The Green Gold of Őrség is a white chocolate loose ganache is put on a pumpkin-seed batter.

A praline is made out of roasted, ground pumpkin-seed, sugar and cool extruded pumpkin-seed oil of the Őrség, to which white chocolate, peeled waffle and pumpkin-seed oil are added in order to form a crispy layer.

This crispy layer is placed on top of the loose ganache, which is followed by another white chocolate ganache layer.

Then come a raspberry jelly layer and another ganache layer.

The layers are glazed with a white chocolate, pumpkin-seed oil frosting and decorated with circles made of ganache and tempered, painted cacao-butter white chocolate.

The cake can first be tasted – along with the healthy version – on 20th and 21st August during the culinary programs of the holiday (Street of Hungarian Flavours in Buda at the Várkert Bazaar between Lánchíd utca and Ybl Miklós tér), then in major confectioneries all around the country.

The Birthday Cakes of Hungary in recent years:

2007 – Floating Island Cake (Café Zila – László Zila)
2008 – Szatmár Plum Cake (Café Zila – László Zila)
2009 – Sour Cherry Cake of Pánd (Café Zila – László Zila)
2010 – Plum Dumplings Cake (Sulyán Cukrászda – ifj. Sulyán Pál/Sulyánné Benkó Katalin)
2011 – Millet cake with Kecskemét apricot (Café Zila – László Zila)
2012 – Poppy-seed cake with Szabolcs apple (Kokó Confectionary – Zsolt Pintér), Sugar-free apple cake with raspberries (Café Zila – László Zila)
2013 - Brittle cake with honey Milota from the Major Confectionary in Budapest
2014 - 'Somlói Revolution' by Damniczki Confectionery in Székesfehérvár
2015 - Hazelnut Cake with Pannonhalmi Apricot Distillate (pálinka) by Kézműves Cukrászda, Salgótarján

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