International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival, Now On Until 13 November

  • 10 Nov 2016 11:55 AM
International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival, Now On Until 13 November
This is the only human rights documentary film festival in Hungary, organized yearly since 2004. Verzio aims to promote open society, democratic values, rule-of-law, freedom of expression, political and cultural pluralism as well as to expose abuse and human rights violations throughout the world by presenting quality, creative documentaries.

For the last 12 years Verzio grew dynamically, has screened more than 600 documentaries attracting altogether over 70,000 visitors.

The program includes creative, exceptional documentary films which undertake important issues such as poverty, civil wars, war crimes, terrorism, crisis zones, political oppression, freedom of press, minorities, nationalism, xenophobia, racism, discrimination, migration, integration, equal rights, women’s rights, feminism, gender roles, sexual diversity, socialization of children and young people, drug abuse, corruption, domestic violence, people living in the margins of society, exclusion of the disabled and the sick or stereotypes.

Verzio has been showcasing outstanding films from all over the world addressing important social and political issues which examine the present, reflect on the past, arouse sympathy in the viewer and approach their subjects in authentic and imaginative ways.

Beside the screenings, Verzio implements independent discussion platforms such as round table sessions, open debates and Q&A-s with the participation of filmmakers, human rights activists and civil organizations. These occasions serve as unique opportunities for dialogue between the audience and professionals, as well as experts of documentary filmmaking and of human rights. Within the frame of these meetings participants can also contemplate on the social responsibility of the film industry and the effect of documentaries on public opinion. Verzio aims to engage a broad public to encourage them to take part in the discussion on human rights, meanwhile the festival’s program supports critical thinking and media literacy.

Verzio contributes to the international platform of documentary film industry by organizing workshops and master classes led by internationally renowned professionals, providing the national film industry with a special opportunity to get involved in the global circulation. Supporting this objective The Festival Crossroads section each year hosts a foreign human rights film festival.

Student Jury is organized to promote young critics and free educational screenings are held for high school students. In 2016, apart the screenings in Budapest and Pécs we plan to bring our programs to further Hungarian cities as well, to build an even wider platform where films and viewpoints can be examined creatively and critically.

Verzio invites everyone to the 13th festival edition between 8-13 November, 2016!

Ticket: 1000 HUF - Festival Pass: 5000 HUF
Toldi Cinema, Művész Cinema, Kino Cafe Cinema, Art+ Cinema, Blinken OSA Archívum, MagNet Community House


Tickets: 1000 HUF – You can already buy tickets in advance at and in Toldi, Művész and Kino Cinemas!
Festival Pass: 5000 HUF – valid for all screenings from 9 to 13 November, the festival passes are available from 26th October in Toldi and Művész Cinemas. (The Verzio pass is not an entrance ticket. Make sure to pick a 0 HUF ticket in the cinemas cassa. 0 HUF tickets are available from a day before the screening. The pass is not valid for the opening and closing events.)


Toldi Cinema: Budapest, V., Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út 36-38., tel.: +36 1 472 0397

Művész Cinema: Budapest, VI., Teréz krt. 30. tel.: +36 1 459 5050

Kino Cafe Cinema: Budapest, XIII., Szent István krt. 16., tel.: +36 1 781 9453

Art+ Cinema: Budapest, Erzsébet krt. 39., +36 20 239 1575

Blinken OSA Archívum: Budapest, V., Arany J. u. 32., tel.: +36 1 327 3250

MagNet Community House: Budapest, VI., Andrássy út 98., tel.: +36 1 583 4819

Detailed program:

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